8 Advantages of Retractable Convention Banners for Your Trade Show Marketing

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Go to any trade show and you are bound to see plenty of convention banners. This method of trade show marketing is a proven way to promote your products and services while increasing your brand exposure.

Retractable convention banners can offer many different benefits, and they can be an integral part of your trade show marketing efforts when handled properly. When you realize all of the advantages that these materials can offer you will quickly understand why these types of banners are so popular with people who market at conventions and trade shows, and why they appeal to visitors as well.

Convention BannersYou may consider this type of marketing material and then decide to use another type of banner or marketing product instead. Before you can make an informed decision for your business you must be aware of the pros and cons for each option though, and that means realizing what this banner type can offer so that you do not make the wrong choices.

Reasons to use Retractable Convention Banners

  1. Retractable Convention Banners can Fit Almost Any Budget

Retractable convention banners can provide maximum impact within almost any budget because they are extremely cost effective. Whether you are a new business that is small and just starting out or you are the head of a Fortune 500 organization this type of banner can work very well, and with a little planning these products can flow seamlessly into the rest of your exhibit.

  1. Trade Show Marketing Customized for Your Specific Business

One important aspect of trade show marketing is to have display items that are truly customized for your specific company and industry. You choose the colors, the text, whether or not to include your logo, and the final graphic design and appearance. This allows you to create banners that reflect your business and are both unique and appealing.

  1. The Benefit of a Portable Banner that can Go Anywhere

There are many types of convention banners from which to choose. But a retractable product offers a high degree of portability that is very convenient. This type of banner can go almost anywhere, because it can be folded up for transport and storage so it requires little space but it is also highly effective when the right design elements are used.

…have a banner with your QR code. (Use banners in places with pedestrian traffic.)

From article by Leah Goodman for MarketingLand.com

  1. A Self Contained Banner System in One Piece

Retractable convention banners involve a one-piece system that is self-contained, and that is a big advantage over some other banner types. Since this trade show marketing item is self-contained it is easy to carry, transport, and store. When the time comes to pull out the banner from the stand you have everything needed, without the possibility of forgetting or losing any of the pieces.

  1. These Banners are Very Easy to Set Up and Use

One of the biggest reasons that retractable convention banners are so popular is because these products are incredibly easy to set up and use. Some display items may require professional set up or may be complicated, but this type of banner is not complex at all. Anyone can set up and use this banner type without any special knowledge or training required.

  1. Limited Space is Required for Display

Some convention banners require a lot of room and prior planning for proper display, but this is usually not the case with retractable models. Even the smallest exhibit space on the trade show floor is usually sufficient for this type of banner display, and these banners can even be placed on top of tables and other surfaces if the banner is a smaller size.

  1. A Wide Selection of Styles, Colors, and Fabric Choices

Effective trade show marketing means a consistent brand image, and every aspect and detail of your exhibit needs to work together. Retractable banners can be ordered in a wide range of styles, colors, and even fabric choices. This can help you get the appearance and dynamic appeal that you want because you have many options from which to choose.

  1. Exceptional Value and Durability for the Price

When you use retractable convention banners, you will get exceptional value and durability for a price that is very attractive. Since the fabric of the banner rolls into the stand when not in use this type of display may last quite some time, and the cost for these products is small when all of the value and advantages that you get are evaluated.

Have you used retractable convention banners in your exhibits, and if so were you happy with the results?

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