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Trade Show Booth Lighting | 10 Tips for Terrific Results

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1. Make sure there is enough Trade Show Booth Lighting

Having sufficient trade show booth lighting is very important. If your area is dark or shadowy because there is a lack of light sources and fixtures then visitors may view your company as unprofessional or unprepared. Your credibility as a business may be compromised. Your area should be well lit without being overwhelming.

Trade Show Booth Lighting2. Start the Design Process with Lighting Elements

If you want to get the best results and the most convention leads, it is a good idea to start your design process with the lighting elements. This will help you create a design that is optimal and ensure that the right amount and types of lighting are used with your displays.

3. Use Accent Lighting to Highlight Important Areas and Components

Consider accent options with your trade show booth lighting. This allows you to showcase various areas, items, or products in your exhibit and you can put a focus on vital information and benefits that your company can offer. When these light options are used properly, it can have a big impact on the appeal of your booth.

4. Consider Back-lighting

Sometimes back-lighting can lead to more visitors during an event, and this can translate into more convention leads that are high quality. This choice can help make your area and displays more attractive, and grab attention from across the room.

5. Look at the Ambient Lighting in Your Area

One area of trade show booth lighting that may be ignored or overlooked until it is too late is ambient lighting. If you are located in an area that is excessively bright then visitors may not be able to properly see your displays and light choices.

6. Use Lighting to Add Dimension

Your trade show booth lighting should come in from more than one direction in order to provide more dimension to any booth. The smallest exhibit area will appear larger when this trick is used, and this makes your display more likely to attract larger numbers of visitors.

7. A Well Lit Booth Will Increase Your Convention Leads

If your booth is not well lit then the event will probably result in fewer convention leads or sales. People will not be able to see what you are offering clearly and this will give you a less favorable image in the minds of the attendees.

8. Include Lights that Provide Motion

Motion trade show booth lighting can be a good way to draw eyes to your exhibit and bring in the crowds without as much effort or expense. When something is moving this makes it attract a lot of attention, and that is what you want for your displays to get the best possible results from any event that you participate in.

9. Evaluate Special Effect Lighting

Trade show booth lighting that involves special effects can be a winner for many companies. Using a variety of colors, shapes, and motions will quickly make your exhibit the center of the crowd and the focus of visitors on the show floor.

10. Combine Different Lighting Types for a Dramatic Effect on Visitors

If you want to get numerous convention leads then use different lighting types and effects to create an impressive display that dazzles. You do not have to settle for one type or another; you can include numerous options and features in the lighting design that is used.

Are there other trade show booth lighting tips that you know about and are willing to share?

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