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Opportunity Realty Manager Colin Darrow • May 2 Interview

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Colin Darrow, the Manager at Opportunity Realty in Las Vegas, was a guest on our May 2 radio show on KLAV 1230AM. Hosts Frank Spady and Leonard C. Wright interviewed him about real estate in Canada and Nevada. Opportunity Realty caters to investors and home owners and Colin is licensed in Nevada and Canada.

Opportunity RealtyThe following interview has been slightly edited for ease of reading.

Opportunity Realty Colin Darrow Interview with the Las Vegas International Press Club

LEONARD: We’ve got Colin here from Opportunity Realty. Investor in Las Vegas in real estate for years and he’s licensed as a realtor, he’s a broker from Colorado and up in Canada, and a commercial realtor.

I mean just the credentials and the reputation and the experience. I could be here for half a day talking about it so it’s a pleasure to see you again, Colin. Welcome to the Las Vegas International Press Club Radio Show!

FRANK: The reason why I’ve got him here, this is Frank Spady, CEO of the Las Vegas International Press Club. The reason why I invited Colin is because he’s also on the advisory board of the Canada Nevada Business Council and we took a long time to find the right real estate person to be involved with the Canada Nevada Business Council because we wanted someone with the right credentials that could deal with Canadians.

It took us about a year and a half and low and behold, Colin was the man that had come across with the credentials and we were very pleased that Colin popped up and just got some of the right credentials.

In fact, he just got some good credentials about three or four weeks ago. Didn’t ya, Colin?

COLIN – Opportunity Realty: Yes, I did. But thank you very much, Frank, for having me on board. In fact, we were talking about the governor earlier through Chris who works with the Governor’s office.

I had been giving a talk to the GLVAR, The Greater Las Vegas Real Estate Association and I got in touch with Chris. He did an outstanding job of representing the governor. The governor’s office has done a fantastic job. He could sit back and not do anything as a governor but he’s not.

LEONARD: Very engaged.

COLIN – Opportunity Realty: He crosses all political parties and he just goes forward. He’s working so hard for this state. I’m really impressed.

FRANK: He does a great job, does a great job.

COLIN – Opportunity Realty: In fact, Frank, you’re the president of the Canada Nevada Business Council. I was the founding president of a group Colorado Canada Business Association and that’s a few years back, I won’t say how long ago.

But it was set up to do a lot of the same things you were doing. Again, Frank, congratulations.

FRANK: Thank you very much. What special experience do you bring to the table for the Canada Nevada Business Council as the real estate representative for the Canadians, per say?

COLIN – Opportunity Realty: I’ve been a broker in Colorado, as you mentioned. I’ve been a realtor in Canada. I’m a realtor here and I’ve been an investor in both countries.

As a Canadian, I’m able to help Canadians in a very real way. Sometimes there’s some reticent to deal with people in another county, even if Canada and the United States are very much the same. I can bring them a certain degree of comfort that they’re working with somebody that can see it from their side of the border’s perspective.

The same thing when we’re working with people from Nevada. We’re able to….What I’m able to do is bring a certain degree of comfort to Americans who want to buy property in Canada.

LEONARD: When we’re looking at the situation, the across borders situation, in Canada it’s really going through an exciting boom. Particularly, Toronto and Vancouver and some of the other cities up there. It seems like people from all over the world are investing in Canada.

COLIN – Opportunity Realty: Absolutely.

LEONARD: Is there potential for that to spill over to this country? Is there a reason why they’re going to Canada? But what’s going on in Toronto?

COLIN – Opportunity Realty: What’s happening across Canada – some people joke and call Vancouver “Hong-couver”. But we have such a mixed ethnic group in the country; people from India, people from China, and of course people that have been in Canada for many generations.

LEONARD: Dozens and dozens of countries.

COLIN – Opportunity Realty: Right. I think that’s why people come to Canada, because it doesn’t matter what country they’re from. They feel warm, they feel comfortable, and they feel accepted.

LEONARD: One of the studies that came out was that the pricing potentially got ahead of itself but Canada has some controls in place. You’ve got to have these down payments and it never did what the United States of America did.

People have to put down sizable down payments…

COLIN – Opportunity Realty: Absolutely.

LEONARD: …to ever be able to afford these places.

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