Press Club Radio Show on May 16

Las Vegas International Press Club Radio Show on May 16

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Press Club Radio Show on May 16


Don’t miss the show this week on KLAV 1230 AM. Our special guests for the Press Club radio show on May 16 are two entrepreneurs that have exciting information to tell about their businesses. Chris Harvey of the Design Factory and Trey and Deborah Nickels of TreyMark Vodka will be interviewed about themselves and their businesses.

Our regular guest Shad Meshad, founder of the National Veterans Foundation, will be making his appearance at the end of the show. Listen to hosts Frank Spady and Leonard C. Wright on the radio at KLAV 1230AM or stream it live from your computer.

Press Club Radio Show on May 16 Guests

Chris Harvey, Founder of the Design Factory

Chris HarveyChris Harvey, a founder of the Design Factory, began her start in the trade show business in 1989. The Design Factory takes trade show exhibits from concept to creation.

From two-story exhibit booths to banner stands and accessories, they provide everything needed for a successful trade show or convention.

Design Factory clients include:

  • Bank of Nevada
  • Cox Communications
  • Las Vegas Convention and Tourists Bureau
  • Century Link
  • Wells Fargo
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Duraflame
  • Dulcinea Farms

Chris Harvey recently received an Enterprising Woman of the Year Award from Enterprising Women Magazine.

For more information about Chris Harvey and the Design Factory click here.

J. Trey Nickles, CEO and Founder, and Deborah Nickels, COO and CFO of TreyMark Black-Eyed Vodka

Trey and his mother Deborah Nickels started TreyMark Black-Eyed Vodka from an idea Trey had after a long day of farming. Since then it has taken them on a venture to produce the only gluten free vodka. The brand has been taste tested by the Vice President of Marketing of a large national distributer who placed TreyMark in Absolut Vodka’s price point range. The outcome was hailed as a smooth and signicant contender in brand competition.

Based in Ft. Worth, Texas, the distillery will be in a historically renovated building known as Firehouse #5.

Listen to Trey and Deborah on the Las Vegas International Press Club Radio Show on May 16 and find out what these two have to say about starting their own unique vodka business.

Shad Meshad, Founder of the National Veterans Foundation

With all that is going on in the news about the Veterans Administration scandal, we’re sure there won’t be a shortage of words for Friday’s show.

Press Club Radio Show on May 16To listen to the Las Vegas International Press Club Radio Show on May 16 click the media player below.


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