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What’s the Deal With Chris Brown and Rihanna?

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This week celebrity magazines have been abuzz with news about two stars who are no strangers to the gossip columns. Chris Brown and Rihanna first made headlines with their whirlwind romance. They were the sweethearts of R&B and a couple that the media adored. They made headlines again in 2009, but this time the reports were not so complimentary.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Break Up Over an Incident that Left her Badly Injured

Reports leaked that Chris Brown had turned himself into the Los Angeles Police after charges of assault and battery were filed against him by girlfriend Rihanna who was forced to cancel a performance at the Grammys due to injuries sustained. The media and the American public were outraged, clearly taking the side of the visibly beaten pop-star. Everyone supported her split with Chris, and her career took off, while his floundered.

Rihanna hasn’t let the Break Up Stand in Her Way

Rihanna has been doing quite well for herself in the years since the incident, with 180 awards under her belt, including 6 Grammys and collaborations with rap legends such as Kanye West and Drake, and newcomer Nikki Minaj.  Her newest collaboration however has sparked controversy all over the pop scene. Last week releases of a remix of Rihanna’s new song “Birthday Cake,” and Chris’ “Turn Up the Music,” each featuring each other got everyone talking about a potential reconciliation between the two.

Mixed Feelings About the Possible Reconciliation Between Chris Brown and Rihanna

Opinions range from those who are outraged that she’d even work with him again, those who appreciate their work together but hope they don’t get back together, and those who think that those getting back together would be no big deal.

After a brief period where the two did reconcile back in 2009, Rihanna went on to do an interview with Diane Sawyer where she expressed that because of her public image she could not continue a relationship with Brown, saying that her responsibility as a role model to young girls was to show them that it is not ok to go back to an abusive boyfriend. She even says in the interview “Even if Chris never hit me again, who’s to say that their boyfriend won’t?”

Twitter Reflects the Strong Opinions of the Media and Fans

Family and friends are hoping that she still has this sentiment, and that the relationship remains strictly business. Twitter seems to have blown up with talk about the possible reunion between the two, and everyone seems to have an opinion. Some are adamant about her not going back to him with tweets such as “The management & parents of Rihanna have done a disservice to victims of domestic violence by doing this remix!” Other tweeters seem to appreciate the music, think it’s time the public forgave Brown, with tweets such as “Omg, People are still talking about Chris Brown beating Rihanna, if she forgave him why are ppl still latching on?”.

What Would a Reconciliation Mean for Rihanna’s Image?

I personally think that the collaboration was a not so great idea, but isn’t so bad if they don’t end up getting back together. With over 4 million women in the U.S falling victim to domestic abuse each year, and injuries inflicted by a male partner being the leading cause of injury in women age 15-44, an example needs to be set for young females in this situation. Decades of reports have shown that battery is rarely an isolated incident, and that physical violence tends to escalate over time. Rihanna is in a position where every young girl in America knows who she is, and is a role model to many of them. In my opinion she should stay out of a future relationship with Chris not only for her safety, but for the safety of young women all over America.

Is working with Chris a bad career move for Rihanna? Is getting back together with him a good idea, or should the media just stay out of it and let them carry on their personal affairs in private? Tell us what you think about Chris Brown and Rihanna.

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