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Obama Care Poll

Obamacare Poll | Answer a few questions about the ACA

By Las Vegas Int'l Press Club / October 13, 2013

There has been quite a bit of debate regarding Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act). Please answer the following questions about Obamacare. Your answers are all anonymous and your email address will not be published on our website.

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vitamin string quartet

Pulling Strings–Vitamin String Quartet Review

By Isabella Parente / March 2, 2012

Top Musicians make Vitamin String Quartet a Music Extravaganza of Talent The other day a friend of mine posted a music video to Facebook by a group of artists I had never heard of. I took a listen, and I instantly fell in love. The group: the Vitamin String Quartet. If you have never heard…

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Entertainment news column

What’s the Deal With Chris Brown and Rihanna?

By Isabella Parente / February 27, 2012

This week celebrity magazines have been abuzz with news about two stars who are no strangers to the gossip columns. Chris Brown and Rihanna first made headlines with their whirlwind romance. They were the sweethearts of R&B and a couple that the media adored. They made headlines again in 2009, but this time the reports…

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Websites Protest SOPA PIPA

Websites Protest SOPA and PIPA with Major Site Changes

By Elizabeth Crane / January 18, 2012

Websites Protest SOPA and PIPA Today, January 18, 2012, marks the day that the Internet and websites protest against “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) and “Protect IP” (PIPA) have literally shut down (or dramatically changed) some major websites. These two bills are said to provide broad mechanisms for enforcement of copyright. This would limit innovation…

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Nevada Redistricting Ruling

Las Vegas Redistricting — Fair or Gerrymandering?

By Erin Walsh / November 3, 2011

Issues of racial gerrymandering and fracturing are at the heart of a recent court ruling that is roiling Nevada politics in advance of the 2012 elections. The ruling, announced by District Court Judge James Todd Russell at a hearing in Carson City, set guidelines for a panel composed of three citizens, which is tasked with…

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How Online Gambling Will Effect Las Vegas

By Elizabeth Crane / October 12, 2011

When the word gambling has been used, Las Vegas has been the only place to come to mind. With a rich history of entertainment and life in the fast lane, Vegas remains one of the world’s most popular destinations for taking risks and beating the odds. Though recently, a new trend has developed to make…

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