Trey Pennington Committed Suicide–Inner Demons

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The reports are still rolling in that Trey Pennington committed suicide. Trey was a well-known social media expert. He was a keynote speaker and social media trainer. His career seemed to be exploding.

Trey’s Twitter account shows he was following 109,958 people and had 111,175 followers. At the time of his death he had 39,805 tweets.

His last post said, “Sure am thankful for online friends who are real friends offline, too. Love you.”

These last words online will be little consolation for friends and family who surely loved him. His family will bear the sadness for the rest of their lives. Sadness and devastation will be a given now in their lives.

Trey had thousands of friends through the Internet yet this was not enough. He may not have confided in any of them. Probably very few of them ever suspected that Trey was in so much misery that he would take his life. We just cannot fathom the thoughts that someone has deep inside them.

If he had confided in someone this tragedy may not have occurred. Perhaps he could have been helped through his demons and spent more years on the planet.

People need to learn that it is OK to ask for help. It is OK to

let others know we have weaknesses. We should not fear looking weak to others. Our vulnerabilities are part of what make us who we are.

As we go through life we encounter many people. Whether it is a simple encounter at a store or a friend we’ve known for years most of the time we don’t know what sort of burden these people are carrying. We don’t know what is in their past or what fears they have for the future.

What we do know is that the act of suicide comes from a place of desolation.

Next time you think about quickly passing judgment on someone take a moment to wonder what baggage this person is carrying with them through their life. Have compassion and be caring.

God bless the Pennington family and be with them on this journey.

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