Trade Show Marketing

6 Fantastic Trade Show Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Trade show marketing tips can help you get better responses and results from your next event, and small businesses have to balance between cost and impact. One of the best tips is to plan your strategies and material orders as far in advance as possible. A press release issued by your company can be a great way to drum up attendance and interest in the next trade show that you plan on attending.

Trade Show Marketing

Trade show marketing can help you get better responses and results.

When you compare printing companies you will find the best choice for your specific needs and preferences, and you may see savings at the same time. When you design and create your exhibits the best option is to make these as small and portable as possible for the best marketing exposure and results.

The design of your marketing materials should be well thought out and have a big impact on consumers who see these materials. Another important tip is to collect as much information as possible from visitors at the event, so that you can follow up in the future and you have all the needed contact information. It is an effective way to build a large database.

1. Advance Planning for Trade Show Marketing is Crucial

When it comes to the most effective trade show marketing one aspect that can make a big difference is the amount of advance planning that you do. Waiting until a week before the event to start the planning process could leave you rushed, frazzled, and unprepared when the big day rolls around. Top companies start their planning several months in advance.

2. Compare Printing Companies for Cost and Quality Results

Printing Company

Use a printing company that provides exceptional service at a reasonable cost and provides high quality results.

The printing companies that you are considering can determine the results that you get with your trade show marketing efforts. Examine the total costs involved with each business and the final quality that you should expect with the materials ordered. Avoid any printer that does not provide exceptional service at a reasonable cost and with high quality results.

3. Issue a Company Press Release about the Event

Press releases can be a great method for trade show marketing, and you do not have to be a professional writer or a journalist in order to do this. A press release should identify certain company and event information so that readers understand who you are, what you offer, and why they should attend the event in order to appeal to consumers.

4. Choose Exhibits that are Small and Portable

Unless you are a multi-million dollar business, you can have effective trade show exhibits that are compact and easily transported. If your budget permits for multi-story and extravagant booths then go for it. However, if you are on a limited budget you can still be successful with a smaller exhibit booth and not break the bank.

The exhibits used for your trade show marketing should be extremely portable, so that they can be easily set up, taken down, and transported between locations. These should be smaller in size and highly visible in order to attract visitors without being excessively large or bulky. Small exhibits that are very portable will also help you save on storage costs in between events.

5. Choose Your Marketing Material Designs Carefully

The designs chosen for your trade show marketing materials can be a critical element. If a design is too complex or difficult to produce then some printing companies may charge more, or even refuse to do the job as a result.

6. Collect Consumer and Visitor Information for Follow Up Later

Most printing companies can help you with the material choices. But what about the follow up after the trade show is finished? Postcards, business card collection, and other methods can help you collect consumer information that you can use later to market to potential new clients.

What small business trade show marketing tips have you used in the past to get better results from an event?

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