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Trade Show Marketing

6 Fantastic Trade Show Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

By Elizabeth Crane / August 2, 2013

Trade show marketing tips can help you get better responses and results from your next event, and small businesses have to balance between cost and impact. One of the best…

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Becoming a Journalist

Becoming a Journalist in the age of New Media

By Elizabeth Crane / August 1, 2011

With newspaper circulation seeing a rapid decline becoming a journalist has been far from many young professional’s goals. The Internet has brought a world of new media that the printed…

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Traditional Journalists

Are Traditional Journalists the Next Endangered Species?

By Erin Walsh / June 29, 2011

In my last post entitled, “Cyber Journalism and the Future of New Media”, we embarked on a pretty sensitive topic for many journalists. The fact of the matter is that…

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How to Write Great Headlines Without Giving Yourself a Headache

By Elizabeth Crane / June 3, 2011

Your headline is the most important sentence of every article you write, edit, or buy.  That’s because no matter how great your article is, few people will ever read it…

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Writing and Editing Team up for Success

By Erin Walsh / June 1, 2011

So you’ve written a magnificent piece of work. You don’t see one single thing wrong with it. Then along comes the dreaded editor. Writing and editing do not need to…

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Internet Writing—has it changed the Face of Journalism?

By Erin Walsh / May 21, 2011

The online free encyclopedia Wikipedia defines a journalist as one who “collects and disseminates information about current events, people, trends, and issues. His or her work is acknowledged as journalism.”…

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