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Buying Trade Show Exhibits

Pros and Cons of Buying Trade Show Exhibits vs Renting

By Elizabeth Crane / July 21, 2014

Examining the pros and cons of any business decision helps to assess the situation and come to the right conclusion. It is no different with the choices between buying trade…

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5 Important Questions When Choosing Trade Show Booth Flooring

By Elizabeth Crane / October 25, 2013

There are some very important questions when choosing trade show booth flooring for your event needs and preferences. Cost is always an important consideration so you will want to ask…

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Trade Show Exhibit Design

6 Trade Show Booth Ideas for Attracting Bigger Crowds

By Elizabeth Crane / October 15, 2013

There are some trade show booth ideas that can help you attract bigger crowds and more visitors to your displays and floor area. One innovate concept is to use cash…

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Trade Show Exhibits for Sale

5 Important Considerations with Any Trade Show Exhibits for Sale

By Elizabeth Crane / August 25, 2013

Finding great trade show exhibits for sale is just the first step. You should think before you make this type of purchase about some important considerations. You will need to…

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Trade Show Booth Rental

5 Trade Show Booth Rental Tips for Your First Show

By Elizabeth Crane / June 30, 2013

Trade show booth rental tips can be very helpful when you are deciding on an exhibit design or even choosing whether to rent or buy. If this is the first…

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Trade Show Booth

Do your Trade Show Booths Reflect your Company?

By Elizabeth Crane / May 15, 2013

Do your current trade show booths reflect the goals and objectives of your company? Or do these items follow a generic exhibit design that is frequently used by many others…

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