Trade Show Exhibits for Sale

5 Important Considerations with Any Trade Show Exhibits for Sale

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Finding great trade show exhibits for sale is just the first step. You should think before you make this type of purchase about some important considerations. You will need to determine if these are new or used, and if they are in good condition. The exhibit design should be right for your company and product needs and branding efforts.

Trade Show Exhibits for Sale

Trade Show Exhibit by the Design Factory

The cost of the exhibits being evaluated is also a big component in any final decision, because you need to stay inside of the budgeted amount without sacrificing quality or appeal. Sizing is also a big factor, because your available floor space and displays plans depend on the right size being chosen. If the size is off then you could end up missing shows or having to make drastic changes.

Customization is another important aspect, because you want a unique area that will draw in visitors and stand apart from all of the other exhibits being displayed at the convention. If you cannot customize any features then you could end up with a cookie cutter display that looks like all the rest of the vendors on the floor during the event.

1. Are the Trade Show Exhibits For Sale New or Used?

When you start your search, you will find trade show exhibits for sale in both new and used condition. Used options may still be in exceptional condition and have a long life while being more affordable for those on smaller budgets. New products will cost more but you may get better results and need fewer replacements over time.

You will need to decide how important it is for your area to have brand new products that have never been used. For many vendors the condition of the products and the relevance that they have to the company brand and image are more important than whether these are used or new.

2. Is the Exhibit Design Ideal for Your Company Needs?

The exhibit design may be one of the most important aspects with this type of purchase. Whether you decide to go with trade show exhibits for sale or you end up renting it is important that the actual design works well with your intended uses and requirements. A layout that is crowded or hard to access may not be the best choice no matter how much you can save.

3. Does the Price Fit In Your Budget?

There are trade show exhibits for sale that can fit into any budget amount that you have set, and saving money does not have to mean skimping on features or settling for a lower quality result. Look for products that give you the best bang for your buck. This will help you find an exhibit that is very attractive and inviting without breaking the bank or going broke in the process.

4. Is the Size of the Exhibit Appropriate?

Trade show exhibits for sale can be found in many sizes, ranging from very small to extremely extensive. The exhibit design and layout should fit well with your desired floor space, and the wrong size choice could cause a lot of problems during the booth set up. Reserve the needed space beforehand, and then look for products that will fit well in this area.

5. Can the Exhibit be Customized for Your Business?

A big question with any trade show exhibits for sale is whether you can customize the results or whether you have to settle for what you can find. Customized exhibit design allows you to get perfect products that closely reflect your company brand and the products and services that you offer to consumers. This can be a very important consideration in some cases.

When was the last time you purchased trade show exhibits for sale and what features did you decide on? What results did you get?

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