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Planning a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas | Live it up in Sin City

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For a bachelor party, no other locale quite compares to the allure of Las Vegas.  The nightlife, the dining, and the entertainment are all top-of-the-line in the desert oasis and can be one of the most amazing experiences in your life.  Doing it all in style could mean booking a nice hotel room, getting a private plane from a worldwide jet charter company, or knowing where the hottest restaurants and bars are.  So suit up, because a bachelor party in Vegas should be nothing less than legendary.

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Booking the Hotel

If you do the bachelor party in Las Vegas properly, there shouldn’t be any reason why you’d be spending a whole lot of time in the room. But you’ll need a place to put your stuff and to crash in at the wee hours of the morning.  The temptation is to book the room that most resembles the one the boys from The Hangover booked, but there should be some things to consider.  The big hotels can be very mazelike, making the trip back to the room (especially after a night on the down) quite a drag.

The truth of the matter is that while booking a room at one of the premiere places on the Strip may seem extravagant, it may be a bigger headache than it’s worth, especially if you aren’t planning to spend that much time on that particular casino’s floor.  If you just need a place to crash, consider looking into smaller hotels close to the strip that you can have peace and quiet after just a short cab ride back.

Travel Arrangements

Unless you live in Los Angeles or other cities close by, and don’t mind driving a few hours through the desert, your distance from Vegas has already decided for you that you will be taking a plane to get there.  Las Vegas is a year-round tourist attraction and it comes with a cost when it comes to commercial airfare.  Dealing with the hassles and paying a premium for it should come with some benefits, but it doesn’t.

For a bachelor party, maybe the best way to get to Vegas isn’t by being crammed into coach but by traveling in style by booking a trip with a worldwide jet charter.  Bachelor parties only come around so often; so what better way to send your buddy off into wedded bliss with a trip aboard a private jet to take him to the bright lights of Sin City?

Where to Eat

Las Vegas has some of the finest restaurants in the country all located relatively close to one another.  You can basically have dinner at a five star restaurant every night you plan on staying in Las Vegas.  Whether you’re into the French food of Le Cirque at the Bellagio or are more of a fan of the Italian cuisine offered at the Wynn Hotel’s Bartolotta, you’ll be sure to eat well during your stay.  Plus, if you’re not into all that fancy stuff, there’s at least one In-and-Out Burger in the city.

Where to Drink

Have you ever dreamed about having a cocktail high above a cityscape?  How would you like to drink a subzero martini from a glass made entirely out of ice?  Las Vegas has a unique nightlife experience for whatever you desire.  Rhumbar at the Mirage can take you to the beaches of your favorite tropical locale or Mandalay Bay’s Red Square can take you back to the Communist Block.  Whatever your mood, the bars in Vegas have you covered.

Make your friend’s bachelor party a trip to remember by following these tips.

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