Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas for Old Time Sin City Fun

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Downtown Las Vegas was the home of gambling before much of it moved over to the famous Las Vegas Strip just to the south. It still plays a vital role in the running of the city however and it is a financial hub. Many hotels are found in this area and there are plenty of historical buildings for you to take a look at if you want to find something slightly different to do during your stay in Las Vegas. Parking in Las Vegas is striving to become better too.

If you are a tourist staying in Downtown Las Vegas you will most likely be based in Fremont Street, which is a hub for hotels and casinos in the center of Las Vegas, these are the original casinos that brought tourists into the city. While most of the Vegas gambling activity isn’t located here anymore it is still worth a visit and it still has the same amount of life that it once had. The nightly light shows are absolutely beautiful and are worth seeing more than once.

Downtown Las Vegas Arts District

You also have the Arts District located in Downtown Las Vegas. As the name suggests this area is full of galleries and other art studios. It is also a fantastic place to shop if you are looking for more quirky goods. Entertainers can be found to line the streets every single Friday and they are worth looking out for.

Shopping Malls in Downtown Las Vegas

Two major malls can be found in this area of the city. The first is Neonopolis which has over a quarter of million square feet of retail space. It currently houses well-known brands such as Del Prado Jewellery and “The Heart Attack Grill” which has appeared in the headlines recently due to its controversial marketing strategy.

The other mall here is the ‘Las Vegas Premium Outlets’ which is almost double the size as Neonopolis and is a major source of shopping for most people in Las Vegas. All the popular brands can be found in this building including some lesser known ones as well. You will be sure to find a good deal.

Downtown Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience

If you head to the western most block of Fremont Street you will be greeted by the Fremont Street Experience. This area plays host to numerous free concerts throughout the year as well as a number of light shows. This pedestrianized mall is where Neonopolis can be found.

Downtown Las Vegas is also home to a number of museums including the famous Mob Museum and Las Vegas Natural History Museum both of which are worth a visit to find out more about the history of the area. There are also plenty of open spaces around the area if you want to escape a little from the city life.

Bus travel in the area connects the Las Vegas Strip to the Downtown area, which makes transportation easy to the Strip if your hotel is located downtown.

There are a number of improvements in the pipeline that look set to help make downtown Las Vegas a bustling hub of tourist activity once more. Many of these plans have been completed but there is so much more to come.

While no longer the main hub of tourist activity of Las Vegas since the development of the strip it is still a fantastic place to visit. There is just so much to do in Downtown Las Vegas. Whether you are looking to gamble or take a look at the art scene of this vibrant city you will find it all here.

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