Fire at Mt. Charleston | Smoke and Fireworks

A fire at Mt. Charleston has caused the Nevada Highway Patrol to shut down State Route 157, Kyle Canyon Road, and State Route 156, Lee Canyon Road. Some residents have been evacuated. The fire appears to be a continuation of the fire that has been on the Pahrump side of the mountain since earlier in the week.

From our home in Silverstone Ranch, in Centennial Hills, dark smoke covered the sky to the north. With the setting sun and the 4th of July fireworks beginning the sky had an eerie glow of smoke mixed with the fireworks display.

The fire continues. The picture below was taken on July 5, 2013.

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Elizabeth Crane

Elizabeth Crane grew up not wearing a helmet, drinking from the hose and not wearing a seat belt. She managed to survive and now spends her time developing websites, drinking coffee, and eating chocolate.

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