Excalibur Las Vegas Lynyrd Skynyrd Restaurant

Lynyrd Skynyrd Restaurant Comes to Excalibur Las Vegas with Booze, Blues, and BBQ

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The Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada, is soon to be the new “hot spot.” Lynyrd Skynyrd is opening a new Las Vegas restaurant at Excalibur Las Vegas that is set to replace the old Sherwood Restaurant in December.

Hopefully, Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer will breathe some life into the former Sherwood Restaurant location that used to serve up hearty portions of truck stop diner food in a Camelot motif. Needless to say that the Excalibur has never been known for its fine dining and it may be getting a little long in the tooth, but it’s still a Las Vegas landmark with a great view of the Strip and a great place to take families.

Bring Out Your Inner Redneck with Beers, BBQ and Some Rock ‘n’ Roll

Sweet Home Alabama has to be one of the most recognizable ballads of all time. If you’re a fan of music in the 1970s, visiting this new Las Vegas Restaurant is mandatory. Take a step back in time to the new Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ Restaurant and enjoy vintage music, memorabilia from the band lining the walls, and a rock and roll good time in Las Vegas.

The restaurant theme is Texas-style BBQ for breakfast, lunch and dinner. BBQ, beers and classic rock are excellent ingredients for a successful vacation recipe. The restaurant serves food during the day and then transforms into a fabulous music club at night with live entertainment.

Las Vegas Restaurant Opening in December

Excalibur Las Vegas Lynyrd Skynyrd RestaurantThe restaurant is scheduled to open in December. Watch for Las Vegas restaurant reviews. If you’re a Freebird (don’t deny that this song taps into your inner redneck in the best kind of way), or if your Tuesday’s Gone With the Wind, or even if you just want to experience a little Sweet Home Alabama, step into the past and make it your future.

This Las Vegas Restaurant promises to be as fun as it is informative. Performing nightly will be dancing bartenders who will lead customer sing alongs to the band’s most recognizable songs.

Basically a shed, known as “Hell House” was a tin shanty where the band lived and practiced in their early years. The restaurant decor is modeled after “Hell House.”

If you’re a Simple Man just looking for a simply good time and you’re in Las Vegas after December, Gimme Three Steps Mister and swing into the Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas and check out some BBQ, beer and nostalgic music that guarantees a good time, good food and cold beer.

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