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In my quest for finding the best sushi restaurant in Las Vegas my journey stopped at Sushi Loca in the Centennial Hills Shopping Center in the Northwest part of Las Vegas.

When you walk in the door at Sushi Loca you are greeted with a resounding welcome from the staff. It is the start of a fun experience and delicious food. My personal preference is to sit at the Sushi Bar but there have been occasions when I was with several people that we have sat at a table. Table service was just as good as sitting at the bar. I prefer the sushi bar because I love watching the chefs prepare all the different types of sushi rolls. I've often ordered a certain item just because it looked so delicious when I saw it prepared.

My Favorite Sushi Rolls at Sushi Loca

Part of the fun at this sushi restaurant is the crazy names for their sushi rolls. I love hot and spicy foods so the ones I order usually have some hotness to them.

No Pain No Gain has tuna on the outside and a spicy baked scallop on top. The inside is a wonderful mix of spicy soft shell crab and cucumber. It is topped off with a special sauce that I have yet been able to find out exactly the ingredients!

Loca Special has a spicy tuna and cucumber inside and the outside is tuna with a spicy garlic ponzu sauce. Love their sauces!

Kiss of Fire might be my absolute favorite. It is topped off with jalapeno slices for that added hotness that I love. The inside is cucumber, crab, tuna, and soft shell crab–all quite spicy. The outside has more crab and tuna along with albacore and once more a special sauce. Delicious.

There are many more items available at this sushi restaurant. I've tried many of them and found them all to be great.

Fresh Uni | Always Honest and Serve only the Best at this Sushi Restaurant

One of my husband's favorite dishes at Sushi Loca and other sushi restaurants is uni with raw quail eggs. For those of you who do not know about uni it commonly believed that it is the eggs from a Sea Urchin. It is actually the Sea Urchins's gonads (they produce the roe or milt). It has a light yellow or golden color and has a rather creamy consistency. It is a delicacy that some love…and others would not touch in a million years. Uni should only be served when very fresh.

Every time we are at Sushi Loca my husband asks if the uni is fresh. They are always very open about when they got it and how fresh it is. There was a time a couple months ago when the chef told us he had tasted it in the morning and that it did not appear to be as fresh as it should be. I love that. Being honest about their uni freshness is awesome. All the uni that we have had at Sushi Loca has been top-notch.

All in all I have to rate this as one of the best sushi restaurants I have ever been to. They are located at 6181 Centennial Center Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89149. Their phone number is 702-558-5622.

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