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Las Vegas Conventions – MGMA Conference Details

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Las Vegas will soon be host to the MGMA 2011 conference on Oct. 23-26, 2011. The annual Las Vegas convention will feature industry experts and networking sessions, which will benefit organizations in the health care field. This will be a wonderful opportunity for knowledge and discussions to take place. Organizations can learn more about the MGMA conference by reading this article.

Accommodations for the Las Vegas MGMA Conference

Visitors can save money by booking a room with the MGM housing bureau. The rooms will be spacious and modern, so guests will not have to consider other accommodation options. Hotel reservations need to be booked early with credit cards and the MGM group discount will also be available.

Transportation around the city will be no problem because the hotel provides guests with a five day unlimited monorail pass, which transports guests to and from the Strip. With an appealing climate, Nevada is considered the perfect place for conventions.

Agenda for MGMA

MGMA HealthcareWhen visitors attend the MGMA conference, they will have access to specialized educational content. This content will include academic practice, alignment and integration strategies, health information technology, patient care, and government affairs.

Speakers will include Ridley Barron, Lisa Bielamowicz, MD and Cam Marston. There will also be an exhibit hall Welcome Kit on Oct. 23, at 1:00 pm. Guests will have an opportunity to receive an exhibit hall show daily and attend the new trade show exhibitor showcase.

Certification through MGMA

One of the most prestigious reasons for attending the event is to get certified. A Certified Medical Practice Executive credential is a great way to enhance career opportunities. The exam can be taken on paper; however, guests must be ACMPE members. The test was available until Oct. 7, 2011.

Attending the MGMA 2011 Vegas Annual Conference is a great way to network and gain industry knowledge. The event is hosted in a stunning hotel, which is located in Las Vegas. The event will feature low priced accommodation, educational content and a certification exam. Attendees can also explore the Las Vegas nightlife by using hotel passes for the monorail. Organizations should do a search online for inquiries about Las Vegas conventions before attending.


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