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Greater Sudbury a Global Center of Mining Innovation

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In 2012, the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses ranked Greater Sudbury the most Entrepreneurial City in Ontario. In its analysis, the federation singled out cities “where local governments are trying their hardest to support entrepreneurship and where business owners themselves rate their governments most highly.”

In Greater Sudbury, this entrepreneurial spirit runs deep. As the largest and most innovative mining center in the world, Greater Sudbury’s real strength lies in its global partnerships.

There’s no better example of this than the flourishing partnership between City of Greater Sudbury Mayor Marianne Matichuk and the Canada Nevada Business Council, established during the MINExpo conference in Las Vegas late last year.

Bob Groesbeck

Bob Groesbeck and Mayor Marianne Matichuk

Not long after, Frank Spady, the CEO of CNBC, Bob Groesbeck, Vice President Government Affairs/General Counsel, and Larry Scheffler, COO, were invited by Mayor Matichuk to visit Greater Sudbury and make connections with the city’s business and community leaders.

Initially attracted to Greater Sudbury as home to the largest integrated mining complex in the world, CNBC is now developing memorandums of understanding in health care, education and tourism, as well.

“The state of Nevada has a long and proud history in mining. Through Mayor Matichuk’s leadership, we were able to experience first-hand why Greater Sudbury businesses are recognized globally as leaders in the mining supply and service sectors. That expertise, we believe, lends well to the needs of Nevada businesses in the mining sector and elsewhere,” according to Bob Groesbeck of CNBC.

“It’s a relationship we value and intend to promote aggressively going forward,” Frank Spady CEO of CNBC added.

“Partnering with the Canada Nevada Business Council will enable the Northern Centre for Advanced Technology (NORCAT) to not only help our clients access new markets and expert networks in Nevada and the United States more broadly, but also we can provide a conduit for U.S.-based companies to access our innovative ventures and exceptional talent base in Sudbury,” said Don Duval, CEO of NORCAT.

“By working together with the Canada Nevada Business Council, Sudbury’s mining innovation cluster (which includes CEM I and NORCAT as well as MiRARCO, CAMIRO and SAMSSA) can build on our strong foundation and help implement novel technologies and new solutions that will make our industry more productive and safer as we operate in ever more difficult conditions and remote locations”, said Doug Morrison, CEO of CEMI.

For Mayor Matichuk, inviting groups like CNBC to meet with community leaders is key to promoting growth and prosperity in Greater Sudbury.

“Mining is a truly global industry, and our global reach is why business leaders from our community went to MINExpo in Las Vegas,” Mayor Matichuk said.

“The CNBC is working hand in hand with myself, community leaders and the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation to share resources and ideas and generate new investment opportunities across a number of sectors,” she added.

About Greater Sudbury

The Sudbury Basin is a one-of-a kind geologic structure that has been delivering valuable metals for more than 125 years and has much more to give.

As the only mining center in Canada with a university and two community colleges, Greater Sudbury has pioneered innovations in exploration, productivity, environmental responsibility and occupational health and safety. Technology, products, processes and expertise developed in Greater Sudbury is now being marketed in every corner of the world.

The concentration of innovation and entrepreneurship in Greater Sudbury has resulted in the development of a technology-driven mining services and supply cluster – more than 300 businesses strong – that has earned Greater Sudbury the name the “Silicon Valley of Mining.”

About the Canada Nevada Business Council

The Canada Nevada Business Council (CNBC) is a non-profit group promoting bilateral trade between Canada and Nevada. The CNBC is dedicated to strengthening the relationships between Canadian and Nevada based companies, and providing a mutually rewarding trade experience and investment and employment opportunities.

Canada is Nevada’s largest trading partner. Nevada exports $1.3 billion in goods to Canada and imports $814 million in goods from Canada. The largest percentages of goods from Canada are equipment and machinery, making up 20%.

In Nevada, 60,300 jobs depend on trade with Canada while 9,700 people are employed by 150 Canadian-owned businesses operating in Nevada, mostly in the mining sector.

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