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Sirens of TI—The Treasure Island Pirate Show Review

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I recently went to check out the Sirens of TI show while doing research for my article about free things to do in Las Vegas. Sirens of TI is often referred to as the Treasure Island Pirate Show. Many Las Vegas tourists make it a point to visit this attraction so I thought I should put my money where my mouth is and check it out.

I’ve been to TI plenty of times, and I’ve always really enjoyed it.  I think they’ve got a great theme and I’ve always liked the whole pirate thing.  The show however was not up to par with the rest of the Treasure Island experience.  In fact, I found the entire 18 minutes of the Sirens of TI Show to be excruciatingly painful to watch.

The Sirens of TI Performance Got off to a Bad Start Right Away

The night I watched the whole sidewalk in front of the TI casino was packed.  There was no elbow room whatsoever.  A friend was in town for the weekend, and we had told him we would show him a good time.  We had never seen the Treasure Island Pirate Show either and we were all excited for it to begin.  It was a February night, so it was pretty chilly outside.

treasure island pirate showThe Sirens of TI show was scheduled to start at 7:00, but it was not until several false starts, and quite a few minutes later that the performance actually began.  I was already getting antsy at this point and wanted to move on, but our friend Russ was only in town the one weekend, so I figured I’d stick it out for him.

The show finally started, and began with several scantily clad “pirate” women dancing on the boat (the Song) that is the prominent feature of the Treasure Island Casino.  They story starts that these women have captured a male pirate, and are holding him hostage, for no apparent reward.  The male ship (the Bull), comes around the corner and a back and forth ensues between the two, and a few minor explosions are set off, resulting in all the pirates happy together in the end, and the female captain even running up the stairs with the male captain.

Sexual Innuendos Set the Stage for a not so G Rated Show

That set up in itself doesn’t sound so awful, but what made the Sirens of TI so hard to watch were the overtly sexual innuendos peppered throughout the conversations between the two ships, executed in a painfully awkward way.  At one point the male pirates yell “A hoy!’ to which one of the females has two of her companions hold her back while she yells ‘Who are you calling A hoy?”  (That joke received about 10 laughs out of the entire crowd.)

About half-way in they sang a song in a round with a chorus that went something like “Take a little bit of sugar and a little bit honey and shake it all up,” to which all the female pirates would gyrate manically on whatever was nearest to them.   If I had kids it would not be something I would want them seeing.

I’m no prude, and I know this is Vegas, but the show had me cringing in parts, especially since I was standing next to a family that included three girls looking to be under 10.  It was as if the creators of the show couldn’t decide whether they wanted to make a kids performance or a burlesque number so they split the difference and combined the two into a horribly tacky and uncomfortable experience for all.

Couldn’t Wait for Sirens of TI to End

My friend who was in town, the only reason I stuck out the Treasure Island Pirate Show to begin with, had this to say afterwards “I couldn’t wait for it to be over, and I was disappointed when we walked back down the street an hour or so later just to catch it starting up again.”

You will see the Sirens of TI all over the internet as a great free thing to do in Las Vegas. The best I can say about that show was the Honey and Sugar song was catchy, but more in an “I wish I could get this terrible song out of my head” way.   In my opinion, unless you want to spend 18 uncomfortable minutes waiting for something to end, skip this on your tour of the town.

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