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Casino Marketing Conference Info and Details

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There couldn’t be a better city for the Casino Marketing Conference to be held. Since Vegas has the most casinos in the world it is only apropos that the most important casino convention is held here.

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The Casino Marketing Conference is a big event that draws in many people. There are many common questions that you may need answered about this conference. You may need to know what it is, where it is held, who will attend, and other factors that could influence your decision to attend.

Whether you plan on going as a visitor, or you hope to be a vender or have an exhibit booth, you may need some basic information in order to make a final decision. When you know the most common questions and answers about this event then you should know everything you need to in order to make an informed decision.

What is the Casino Marketing Conference?

The Casino Marketing Conference is an annual event that draws in many people from all areas and positions in the gaming industry. Any company that has a stake in the gaming industry should attend, and people come from across the USA to find out the latest and greatest in the industry.

The gaming industry covers much more than just Las Vegas casinos. If you are involved with any gaming venue then this conference can offer information, new products, advanced gaming technology, and other beneficial features that can help you with your marketing efforts. Many gaming executives, managers, and other professionals will be attending this event.

When is This Event Held?

In 2014 the Casino Marketing Conference will be held from July 15th through July 17th. While this date is coming up there are still opportunities if you have not already reserved a spot, so there is still time to make a reservation and experience one of the biggest events in the gaming industry.

Where Will the Conference be Held?

The Casino Marketing Conference 2014 will be held at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Paris is a world-renowned venue in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it attracts visitors from around the globe. This venue offers incredible lodgings, fine dining, and other features that just add to the appeal of the event.

Casino Marketing Conference

Who Will Attend This Event?

You may be surprised to learn about the various individuals and businesses that will attend the Casino Marketing Conference in 2014. Anyone who is in the gaming industry and the marketing sector can attend. This includes:

  • Senior gaming hosts
  • Player development specialists
  • General managers
  • Senior gaming executives
  • Marketing directors
  • Marketing specialists in the gaming industry
  • Marketing teams

What is the Purpose of This Conference?

The purpose of the Casino Marketing Conference is to help businesses and individuals learn about the different marketing strategies, technologies, and products that are used in gaming venues. In the gaming world marketing can be a challenge, and this event allows marketers to network and learn ways to overcome the challenges involved.

Casino Marketing provides vendors with a dedicated audience of high-level marketing professionals.


There will be marketing experts, gaming specialists, and many other knowledgeable people at the event who can provide useful information, helpful hints and tips, and even industry secrets that you can use for greater marketing success. If you own or work in a gaming venue and you have anything to do with marketing then this unique event may be a great choice.

Is This Event Just for Employees of Casinos?

No. Anyone who has anything to do with marketing in the gaming industry can reserve space and attend. There will be a Host Development Conference that is also available during the event. There will be many demonstrations, displays, and important people in the industry. There is no casino employee requirement to attend, all you need is an interest in this area.

Why Should You Attend?

There are many reasons to attend the Casino Marketing Conference. You will find out about the latest marketing strategies, and the newest gaming technology and ideas on the market. Marketing in the gaming industry can be tough, but when you attend this event you will be better prepared to be successful in your marketing efforts and get the results you hope for.

For more information about the Casino Marketing Conference click here to visit their website.

Have you ever attended the Casino Marketing Conference? Would you attend one in the future? Why or why not?

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