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Why Las Vegas Conference Centers Draw Conventions from Tiny to City-Sized

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Convention Services for All Types of Businesses

With over 10.5 million square feet of convention space available for trade show exhibits and conferences there is a space to fit just about any type of business or service. Las Vegas conference centers can–and do–host businesses from the very small to the extremely large.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) lists the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as one of our largest trade show exhibitions. Attendance nearly topped 140,000 In 2011. All the convention services were kept extremely busy and Vegas was bursting with visitors (and their cash!).

Las Vegas Conference Centers Cater to Small Businesses Too!

Not all current events in Nevada are for the grandiose conventions. The American Bar Association held their Associate Dean’s Conference for 2011 at the Mirage Hotel. How many attendees did they have? 10!

That’s right, only 10. But Las Vegas is such a draw for visitors that many small conferences and conventions come to The Entertainment Capital of the World, even when they could easily meet in a small hotel suite!

Five Star Amenities plus First Rate Convention Services

Cool Japan Trade Show Exhibit

The Design Factory Cool Japan Trade Show Exhibit

Since Las Vegas has for years been THE place for conventions and attracts multitudes of tourists the City of Entertainment has evolved into a first class destination. Award winning and Five Star restaurants, like Alize at the Palms Casino Resort and Joël Robuchon at the Mansion, bring top notch amenities to Vegas.

Vegas knows how to do conventions right. With years and years of convention services under their belt you will be hard pressed to find a better destination to hold a conference. If you aren’t in the five star category there are numerous facilities, restaurants, and hotels that will provide premium service and make your visit memorable and successful!

Las Vegas shows no signs of slowing down. Conventions are being booked far in advance and tourists are still enjoying all the great things that are offered. Catering to visitors is what Vegas is all about. Taking advantage of that is what you should be all about!

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