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Las Vegas Conventions Went Postal – MAILCOM Conference

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The MAILCOM conference was held in Las Vegas from September 25 to September 27, with more than 3,500 people attending the 18th annual conference. The convention and trade show venue was held at the Riviera Hotel and Casino which is also the headquarters. As far as conventions go, this is one of the largest Las Vegas conventions offered in this town of glitter.

The 18th annual MAILCOM conference is the largest mail conference in the United States. The kick-off was at 9:00 a.m. with the keynote address: “The Future of

the United States Postal Service – Putting Value Back in Mail” presented by Gary Reblin, Vice President Domestic Products, USPS. This was just one of several presentations that will enlighten the participants.

MAILCOM Conference Highlights

Guests chose from dozens and dozens of seminars to attend each lasting for an hour or an hour and fifteen minutes. Topics were offered to meet most anyone’s needs. These included “Lowering the Costs of Your Mail Center Operations” to “Shape Up Before You Ship Out.”

Participants were also able to select from seminars such as “Why Green, Why Now: How UPS is Leading the Way,” “Win-Win: Managing People With Disabilities,” and “From Mail Services to Support Services.” There is no doubt, with the many varied topics offered, that the presentations enriched the conventioneer’s knowledge for the future and innovation of mail service.

United States Department of the Post Office SealShould You Attend MAILCOM 2012?

The MAILCOM conference, which is one of Las Vegas conventions’ premiere presentations, is an outstanding way to network with corporate executives, managers, and supervisors. Since everyone in the mail services face critical decisions about business communications in the future. The more than 100 seminars and workshops teach people how to work more closely and manage the people and technology each business serves.

The three-day conference offered the top-flight speakers in the industry. In addition, the in-depth seminars made this one of the most comprehensive and successful MAILCOM conferences presented thus far in the mail industry. Put

MAILCOM 2012 on your To-Do List as a definite “must attend event” for everyone involved in a company’s mail, document, and distribution operations. MAILCOM 2012 returns to Washington DC on April 15, 2012.

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