7 Important Questions when Comparing Trade Show Exhibit Companies

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There are a number of questions that you should always ask when comparing trade show exhibit companies. Your choice should be the one that provides for your needs, budget, and situation. Determine which of these businesses will provide firm quotes and which only give estimates. You also need to look at your financial resources and budget.

Ask about whether the customized booth graphics that you are looking for or that you want can be included in the design. Another important question is the experience and reputation that each company will bring if hired. These factors should also be independently verified as well. Samples or success stories that the business has created should be available if you ask.

Always find out what the final cost will be for the exhibits and displays and what you will get in exchange for this money. You also need to ask about the possible selections that you will be able to choose from to determine if these are limited or extensive.

Trade Show Exhibit Companies

Trade show exhibit by the Design Factory

1. Which Trade Show Exhibit Companies will Provide Firm Quotes?

Some trade show exhibit companies will provide a budgetary estimate for certain services. This can make it hard to determine the actual cost before you decide which one to choose for your exhibits. Ask if the business is willing to provide firm quotes or if they will only give you an estimate instead.

2. What is your Available Budget?

When you are evaluating potential trade show exhibit companies it is important to keep your budget in mind. The actual costs involved need to fit into this budget. Some of these businesses will charge more than others charge. Make sure that you know the reputation and history as well as the final price.

3. Are Customized Booth Graphics Offered?

Customized booth graphics may not always be provided, although this can usually be arranged. Always ask about this factor so that you know ahead of time whether these can be supplied or if you should look for another business instead.

4. What Reputation and Experience does each Company Have?

Researching and asking about the experience and reputation for each of the trade show exhibit companies being evaluated is critical. A newcomer to the industry may make some common mistakes, while a business with a decade or more of experience and a reputation for honesty and integrity will normally be the best choice.

5. Can the Business Provide Samples or Show Past Successes?

Ask the various trade show exhibit companies whether they can provide samples or detail past successes that they have had. Eliminate any that cannot answer this question with a yes or else you may be taking a leap of faith with your money.

6. What is the Cost and what do you get for this Amount?

Ask all of the trade show exhibit companies what the cost for the desired exhibit will be. Ask for clear details about what you will be getting when you pay the fee. This will prevent any confusion and outline the responsibilities of each party ahead of time.

7. Does the Company have a Large Selection of Choices?

Always ask questions about the selections and options that are available, whether the component in question is your booth graphics, size, or other elements. Look for those who offer the widest selections and largest numbers of options, as well as reasonable prices.

What do you ask when you are considering different trade show exhibit companies? Why?

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