Shisha Bars Las Vegas

Best Shisha Bars of Las Vegas

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When it comes to glitz and glamor, Las Vegas is the world leader. Anything that’s fun, enjoyable or just plain weird can be found there. So it’s no surprise that one of the world’s latest recreations, Shisha, is available in plentiful supply throughout the city. Shisha bars are becoming commonplace in Vegas as party-goers look for a more “chilled out” vibe, especially those with a bad hangover.

Shisha BarsLas Vegas has a reputation for being the city that never sleeps, and Shisha bars are no exception. However, most of them do close eventually (2-3am). Due to licensing laws in other locations around the world, Shisha bars are often restricted to a measly 1am closing time, but Vegas is a law unto itself.

Choosing the best Shisha bar in Vegas would be tough, but Azuza is a hot contender

One of the biggest attractions of Azuza is the huge assortment of Hookah (Shisha) flavors. Apple, banana, watermelon and even hazelnut are available, along with a multitude of other fruit-based concoctions. Aside from the Hookah, Azuza specializes in Tapas and also offers Halal, so there should be something for every palate.

The furniture shares the same characteristics as other Shisha bars, namely that it’s simple yet stylish, with a hint of Middle Eastern culture mixed in.  The lounge is decorated with subtle colors and modest chandeliers, perfect for creating a relaxed and sociable atmosphere; something every Hookah lounge excels at.

Luna Hookah Lounge is another popular haunt

This is located on South Las Vegas Boulevard and it’s perfect for those who like mixing their Shisha with dance music and live DJs. This is an upscale Shisha lounge but it also has a very relaxed feel about it too. The dress code is casual so people from all walks of life can turn up and enjoy themselves at any time of the day or night.

Food and drink is served around the clock and the lounge is open until 2-3am throughout the week. The décor and ambience is the same here as with Azuza, people feel relaxed and welcome as soon as they enter the building, plus there is an assortment of unique Shisha flavors from which to choose.

There are too many Shisha bars in Vegas to name them all

One thing is for sure, Vegas has no shortage of anything and that includes Hookah lounges. There will always be a Shisha bar in close proximity and even though some are better than others, they are all great for socializing with friends and relaxing with a waterpipe!

Of course, due to the popularity of Shisha, there are now electronic Hookah Sticks that are designed to resemble the real thing. Although these Sticks don’t contain tobacco, they still make it easy for Shisha lovers to enjoy their favorite flavors regardless of where they are. If a Shisha bar isn’t in close proximity then E-Shisha is always a viable alternative, but it’s never as good as the real thing. Las Vegas is perhaps the easiest city in the world to obtain real Hookah so an electronic version shouldn’t be needed.

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