Temporary Building Enclosure Considerations to Think About

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A temporary building enclosure can be used for a variety of different purposes. Large conventions and tradeshows often use them when space if limited for exhibit booths. Their capability of adding thousands of square feet of space at a reasonable cost makes them a frequently used addition to convention halls and centers.

Before choosing a temporary building enclosure it is important to think about several things. Knowing the answers to these questions will give you the best possible structure.

What to know before Buying or Renting a Temporary Building Enclosure

What are Your Size Requirements and Preferences?

Before you even start looking at possibilities with a temporary building enclosure you need to know what your preferences and size requirements are. Do you need a small enclosure for storage or do you have much larger size requirements? Is there a certain fabric, coating, brand, or material that you prefer? Once you know these details you can start some research.

What are You Willing to Spend?

Every project and business expense needs to have a set budget and this type of cost is no different. After you have researched this type of structure a little you will have a more realistic idea of the typical prices involved so that you can set a budget that is adequate for what you actually need and want in your enclosure. Avoid cutting costs that affect final quality though.

Environmental Concerns Like Snow, Dust, and Wind Protection

Another big consideration with a temporary building enclosure is any environmental concerns for the placement of the enclosure. If your structure will be in an environment that has a lot of wind, dust, snow, ice, or other environmental hazards and factors then additional environmental safety features may be needed in order to offset these environmental factors.

Is Climate Control Crucial?

How important is controlling the climate in your temporary building enclosure? If you are using the enclosure for purposes that require a specific temperature or a certain level of moisture then climate control can be very important. If you just need a general climate with a wide latitude for variation then this will normally cost less than extremely strict climate control where even slight variations matter.

How Will You Use the Enclosure?

You should always consider the use of the temporary building enclosure when you are evaluating which ones will work for you. Storing vehicles and planes will have different requirements than storing grain and other agricultural or food products. Maintenance or flammable material storage enclosures may need added fireproofing or other coating types for safety reasons.

What Fabric Type Will Work Best?

Usually an enclosure that is designed to be temporary will be covered by a durable fabric that is thick and heavy enough to stay in place. There are many standard fabric weights and thicknesses available, and custom options may also be possible. Think about the environmental exposure and expected life span of the enclosure and then determine the right fabric choices.

What Framing Materials Should be Used?

Constructing a temporary building enclosure means deciding on which materials you will use for the frame of the enclosure. Usually lightweight metal poles or posts, such as those made from aluminum or steel, can provide strength and rigidity without adding too much weight to the frame. Discuss the materials available from the company you are using.

Where Will it be Located?

The final location of your enclosure is a big consideration when you are evaluating the different options and features that you can pick from. If it will be located in the brutal sun and heat middle of the Sahara Desert or in the frigid climate of Antarctica then these factors need to be accounted for. In reality your location may not be as extreme but it is still an important factor to consider.

Should You Rent or Buy?

When you are evaluating the best possible temporary building enclosure for your use one thing you need to consider is whether to rent the structure or purchase it instead. If you are in an industry where the enclosure can be used repeatedly then it may be more cost effective to buy one. If you just need it for a one time short period then renting may be a better decision.

Do You Know Your Local Building Regulations and Permit Requirements?

Before you go out and choose an enormous temporary building enclosure it is a good idea for you to investigate the building regulations and permit requirements in your area. This can prevent a number of issues and additional charges later on. You may not need any permit or inspection but it is better to be aware of an requirements before you invest time and money in an enclosure.

Natural Translucent Lighting or Artificial Lighting?

One more important consideration with any temporary building enclosure is the type and amount of lighting that is offered. There are translucent fabrics that let natural sunlight into the enclosure, or you can choose to have artificial lighting installed. It is also possible to use both methods in order to conserve energy while eliminating any lighting restrictions so the enclosure can be used at any time day or night.

What else do you think should be considered before you decide on a temporary building enclosure?

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