Allegiant Airlines – One of Las Vegas’ Fastest Growing Businesses 2011

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Las Vegas’ Allegiant Airlines is one of the fastest growing businesses in America. It was only a few years ago when Allegiant Airlines was a small-time airline that no one had heard of.

According to Fortune magazine, it’s been listed for two years in a row as the fastest growing airline in the US—in 2010 at #25 and in 2011 at #64. Forbes magazine listed them as the 33rd best small company around in 2010. Not to mention the award that they received from Aviation Week for Top Performing Low Cost Carrier in 2010.

Since then a lot has changed; they are now one of the top airlines in the region. In 2001, Allegiant changed their base from Fresno, California to Las Vegas after declaring bankruptcy in 2000. They focused on two other high-tourism destinations, Sanford-Orlando and St. Petersburg. From those two destinations, they grew to over 75 destinations throughout the US.

The Secret of Success to Allegiant Air

Not unlike some of the most successful airlines in the past such as Southwest Airlines, AirTran, and JetBlue, they arrived on the scene with an extremely competitive fare. People see that they offer rates that are lower than the more well-known airlines such as American or Delta and try it; however, where some airlines have failed with less than ideal customer service, Allegiant excelled with extras such as leather seats, priority seating, and quick boarding in a not-so-crowded airport.

Allegiant’s fleet is composed mostly of the McDonnell Douglas MD-82 and MD-83, which hold approximately 150 passengers. It costs less than $4 million to rehab one of these planes, so they can operate less hours during the day to cover the costs of ownership.

They manage to keep an extremely low overhead with only 7 hour days worked per plane compared to the average of 13 hours for other airlines. They staff an average of 35 employees per plane compared to 50 employees for other airlines.

Recently, they added four Boeing 757s to the fleet and expect two more by 2012. These planes are used for their flights to Hawaii.

Why Does Allegiant Cater to Passengers in Smaller Areas?

The great airline services combined with rock-bottom prices keep drawing customers back to them. Imagine boarding a plane to Las Vegas in an airport like Sanford International Airlines that is just as close to all of the major attractions in Orlando but only a small fraction of the hustle and bustle that goes on at MCO. It’s heavenly…

Allegiant has made these services available in smaller cities and airports near some of the largest major metropolises in America such as Phoenix, Shreveport, New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale, St. Louis, Chicago, Wichita, and many other towns right outside of big cities . All without any trouble parking (sometimes even no parking fees), no traffic, no waiting, and only a few gates to navigate around.

Las Vegas Businesses that Help the Las Vegas Economy

Las Vegas businesses are always going to do well. It is an area which attracts many people from all over the country and all over the world and that trend is only increasing from one generation to the next. It is definitely a tourist hub and an area where people always look to go to have a good time whether they choose to land on the billion dollar casino floors or the high-tech nightclubs.

If you are planning an extravagant party or a well-deserved vacation on a dime with just a weekend to spare, then Las Vegas is the place that most people think of going to. Naturally, a low-cost Las Vegas-based airline is bound to have a certain level of success.

This is why Las Vegas businesses take advantage of this consumer demand and create a product that people cannot say no to. That is definitely what Allegiant Airlines is. They have a quality product at excellent prices and when there is consumer demand that is an unbeatable combination.

People fly to Las Vegas all year and that is never going to change. Since Allegiant Airlines has developed such a great reputation, they are now many people’s first choice when they decide to plan their trip to Las Vegas.

As a result, Allegiant Airlines has become one of the fastest growing businesses in the area. This has a very positive impact upon the Las Vegas area in general. Booming businesses means that consumers are buying and in this case it means they are traveling. If an airline does well, then it means Las Vegas is doing well at the same time, as more people are traveling to the city. So it is a win-win situation for everyone involved…thank you Allegiant!

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