Why Businesses Relocate to Las Vegas

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Business in Vegas–More than just Casinos

The Entertainment Capital of the World isn’t just for shows and gaming. You may already know that an extraordinary number of business deals are planned and sealed every year in Las Vegas. But did you know it’s a great place to relocate or establish a new office?  Just ask companies like Foliot Furniture, Cord Blood America, Zappos.com–and Microsoft!

Nevada is a Right-to-Work state with a computer-literate, eager workforce. In addition to the current pool, UNLV graduates thousands of graduates each year, highly skilled in a multitude of different disciplines, and our tech colleges are among some of the finest.

Business & Lifestyle

You’ll find plenty of reasons to relocate or open an office below.  But did  you know there are plenty of great personal reasons to relocate to the area as well?

The Vegas Valley is surrounded by beautiful mountains with water and snow skiing just minutes away. From Lake Mead to Mt. Charleston recreational activities abound.  The grandeur of the Red Rock Mountains attracts hikers and sightseers. The Hoover Dam is still recognized as one of the Top 10 Construction Achievements of the 20th Century.

What Makes Las Vegas & Southern Nevada Such a Great Business Environment?

Businesses relocate to and open offices in Southern Nevada because of a great many business-friendly features concerning Taxes, Relocation Incentives, Networking, and High-end, Low-cost Lifestyle. (Some of the following bullet points were pulled from the Nevada Development Authority website.)


  • Nevada levies no corporate or personal income taxes
  • Minimal employer payroll tax
  • No franchise tax on income
  • Competitive sales (8.1%) and property (3.03%) tax rates
  • No inheritance or gift tax
  • No estate tax
  • No unitary tax
  • No admissions tax
  • Entrepreneurial Education Program
  • Hotel room rates are low
  • Economical travel rates
  • Meeting, tradeshow, and convention venues that fit any budget
  • Five star restaurants
  • Large workforce
  • Great deals on real estate

Relocation Incentives:

  • New Employee Training Grant
  • Sales & use tax abatement and deferral
  • Modified business tax abatement
  • Personal property tax abatement
  • Property tax abatement for recycling industries
  • Renewable energy abatement for wind, solar, and other renewable energy companies
  • Right-to-Work state with computer-literate, eager workforce
  • Lease, build, or construct your offices or campus for a lower investment than most major cities


  • Conventions and trade shows in all industries make for excellent networking, moneymaking opportunities.
  • Rub shoulders with executives from all over the country and the world when they come to Las Vegas not just for conventions, but relaxation & entertainment.
  • Entertain clients and potential business partners in our many world-class restaurants, convention facilities, and entertainment outlets

Welcome to Las VegasPersonal & Lifestyle:

  • Housing, utility, and grocery costs give Las Vegas a lower cost of living than the national average, but offers great luxury as well!
  • The most five-star restaurants gathered in one place, outside of New York or L.A.
  • World-class shopping & entertainment
  • It’s not as hot as you think–average monthly temperature is 69*!
  • Over 250 parks & recreational areas in Southern Nevada, as well as
  • 60 golf courses
  • 24 museums
  • 78 galleries
  • and nearly 100 art centers and cultural organizations!
  • 357 schools in Southern Nevada–the 5th-largest school district in the U.S.
  • Real estate is at an all-time low; find spacious luxury home for your family–or a high-rise condo–for less than half of what you’d pay in any other major city
  • Or, invest in one of our (increasingly less and less) availibe homes or high-rises and double or even triple your money in the years to come.
  • Inexpensive air fair to and from anywhere in the continental U.S.
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