How Online Gambling Will Effect Las Vegas

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When the word gambling has been used, Las Vegas has been the only place to come to mind. With a rich history of entertainment and life in the fast lane, Vegas remains one of the world’s most popular destinations for taking risks and beating the odds. Though recently, a new trend has developed to make online gambling legal in the US.

Surprisingly or not, Las Vegas is paving the way for online gambling legislation to be passed on a federal level, but not without recommending that the ultimate decision to approve gambling be left in the hands of the state.

Nevada’s Gaming Control Board had their first workshop on September 26, 2011 to draw up the first draft of the regulations for online poker. The 12-page document, entitled Regulation 5A, will be hashed out between the public hearings, the Gaming Control Board, and the Gaming Commission and is expected to be ready for final approval by December of 2011.

Then our Big Brother in Washington just has to approve it. You may wonder: Why even bother when 2006’s federal legislation concerning the the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) is still looming overhead in relation to US banking and online gambling being a federal offense?

States like New Jersey and Nevada are doing this to stay one step ahead of the game. They recognize that no longer do the billion dollar gambling floors hold the same fascination for the new generation of visitors. Many of these tourists come for the technologically-advanced nightclubs. Coming up with the latest innovations in online gambling and gambling technology is a part of the evolution of tourism for cities like Las Vegas.

Essentially, the changes that the Nevada Gaming Board supports suggest that the $6 billion industry is put back in the states’ hands for individual decision about whether or not to allow online gambling and also allow taxing on a federal level. This is further supported by the fact that some overseas online gambling companies leave Americans duped without a leg to stand on when things go wrong.

So if there’s no stopping them, why not join them?

That’s exactly what Nevada is proposing along with a series of i-Gaming rules that will make the online gambling jurisdictions and licenses instant once the bill is passed. Most of these regulations revolve around settling player disputes and safeguarding gambling from minors. The thought being that the first ones to implement this will be the first ones to be known for legitimate online gambling with real money in the United States.

Online Gambling Industry

The gambling industry is historically one of the most interesting and lucrative in the world. With technology increasing, a popular new way to gamble has come to rise in the last decade. Several potential gamblers are limited by factors like location or laws. For people living in smaller cities and rural areas, there are few opportunities to gamble and even fewer in states that prohibit it. In the recent years, a solution to these problems has developed in the area of online gambling.

A popular community, the online gambling laws can be simple and set up to make things easier for those that wish to participate but may not have a destination nearby. Before, when an individual wished to try their luck at the slots, they would have to wait until the weekend to take a trip to a big city with the equipment to do so. The city for this has always been Las Vegas but with online gambling sites, the opportunity is there whenever the gambler is willing and able.

Online Gambling Laws

While online gambling seems like the answer in many ways, there are still quite a few laws surrounding this pastime. Gambling online was once illegal in nearly every state but has since been allowed to take place in varying degrees. Though there are some legalities that have made some games illegal to be played for money in certain states.

Online poker is a game that has taken a lot of heat in the last few years. With several bills being proposed and passed, it can be hard to figure out if any laws would be broken by playing online. Oklahoma, Washington, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Montana, Oregon, and South Dakota are some of the states with specific laws against betting online. Nevada is also one of these states, but steps are being taken towards passing a law that would enable Nevada to remain one of the top gambling sites of the world.

As for the other states, the majority have slight restrictions such as taxes. This gives other states the advantage of an industry that previously didn’t exist. With the economy in decline, many states will do what they can to make more profit. If online gambling serves as a way to do this, it is likely that few states will object it. This creates some competition for Nevada to keep up with and could spell trouble down the line if other states have this advantage.

Las Vegas Online Gambling

Las Vegas has always had the home field advantage for gambling in the US. With its secluded location, recreational activities and star-quality accommodations, Vegas is truly a desert oasis for those looking for an adventure. However, this is slowly beginning to change as technology begins to advance and other metropolises begin to catch up.

With the economical issues and online gambling becoming a popular alternative, Nevada is faced with the possibility of a decline in profits and interest since a weekend in Vegas may not be the most practical destination anymore. With this in mind, casinos may not become the first choice for visitors unless the stay ahead of the curb with cutting-edge technology. The thought being that implementing online gambling will help to enhance their status for tech-laden hotspots that the next generation demands.

If online gambling became legal in Nevada, it would once again have the advantage over the other states. It could create jobs, opportunities and technological advances that haven’t even been thought of yet. Perhaps that drive and entrepreneurial spirit will help turn Las Vegas online gambling into the next lasting trend.

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