A Plot To Destroy The Press Club?

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In our continuing episodes of the Las Vegas Press Club 1963 Branding Iron magazine we are happy to include this article offering some hiring suggestions for the State of Nevada. It seems the Las Vegas Press Club members were being hand-picked for state jobs.

A Plot To Destroy The Press Club?

By Joy Hamann

There is currently afoot an insidious plot to bankrupt and destroy the Las Vegas Press Club.

If this maneuver, engineered by the government of the State of Nevada, is allowed to continue unchecked within the next three years the honorable and revered PC will be forced to close its doors. Why?

Because at the rate the state administration is hiring Southern Nevada newsmen and members of the PC we won’t have any members left by the end of Sawyer’s current term.

Personally, I suspect the Carson City Press Club is behind the entire thing, for the struggling, unenlightened club—it refuses membership to women, mind you—is desperately attempting to build its sagging treasury.

Of course we must pridefully admit that the majority of our members could do as well—yey, better—than most of those in government, so the administration does show good taste and discernment.

As a matter of fact, since it is obvious that most of the government jobs are destined to be filled by our members the following list of appointments is hereby submitted for the careful consideration of those who do the hiring.

  • Joe Digles, Executive Secretary to the Board of Barber Excessive Spending and Outlay Department.
  • Colin McKinlay, Director of Railroads.
  • Hattie Mae Pavlo, Director of the Hamilton Research Bureau.
  • Leon Potter, Chief of the Physical Fitness Division of Health and Welfare.
  • Jude Wanniski, Director of Sanitation Districts.
  • Robert L. Brown, Chief Press Agent for Governor’s Office.
  • R. Scott Griffith, Supervisor of Caliente Girls School
  • Dorothy Dorothy, Administrator of Alliteration.
  • Robert Flick, Guardian of the Father Richard Crowley Benefit Fund.
  • Z. Louie, Secretary to the Board of English Examiners.
  • “Frosty” Cahlan, Supervisor of State Bar Examiners.
  • Bryn Armstrong, Official Screener of Gubernatorial Candidates.
  • James Y. Clarke, Fish and Game Commission for the state.
  • Randy McElhone, Perpetual Program Chairman for the Carrie Nation League of Nevada
  • Charlie Catt for Chief Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court.
  • Robert Belz, State Printer.
  • Eddie Fox, Director of the Nevada State Children’s Home
  • Ray Germain, administrative assistant to Robert Faiss
  • Jack Staggs, chairman of the State Board of Nurse Examiners.
  • Ruthe Deskin, chairman of the State Board of Cosmetology.
  • Bill Stiles, State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
  • Dick Kanellis, Predatory Animal and Rodent Committee.
  • Eugene Murphy, Private Detective Licensing Board.
  • Gerry Appleby, State Woolgrowers’ Predatory Animal Committee.
  • Andrew Ruckman, State soil Conservation Committee.
  • Fred Smith, Equal Rights Commission.
  • James Thomas, State Board of Veternary Medical Examiners.
  • Tommy McDonnell, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board.
  • William Wright, State Railway Police
  • James Bilbray, Board of Regents, University of Nevada.
  • George Von Tobel, Department of Savings Associations.
  • Don Beale, Western Intersate Compact Commission for Higher Education.
  • Sam Boyd, director of the Mint.
  • Perry S. Adair, Planned Parenthood Commission.

The list is incomplete, I realize, but should serve as a guideline to the administrations for future development.

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