Trade Show Flooring | What Choices do you Have?

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When it comes to trade show flooring what choices do you have, and how can you pick the right one? Each possibility will have a certain level of convenience and popularity, and some types may work better with certain designs or floor areas. Carpet is one of the most popular flooring types for trade shows. However, this type can have a few drawbacks.

Trade Show Flooring

Hardwood Trade Show Flooring

Hardwood is another possible option for flooring with your booth. This type can be easy to clean and offer a certain appeal to many individuals. Roll out flooring is gaining in popularity and it can be incredibly convenient and easy to install. This type can be very cost effective as well.

Tiles are another choice for flooring your trade show exhibit booth. But these are not chosen as often because there are some disadvantages with this pick and installation may be more complex and time consuming. No matter what flooring type you are leaning towards always make sure that it fits well with your displays and convention furniture.

Carpet is Popular for Trade Show Flooring

Many booths have trade show flooring that is carpet, and there are three main carpet types to choose from. Low loop, shag, and multi-layer sculptured carpeting are all available. Each will have certain benefits but also possible drawbacks. Taller carpeting may be more difficult to keep clean but the plush and luxuriousness of this choice will reflect positively on your company.

Hardwood Flooring has Many Benefits

Hardwood flooring has many benefits as a trade show flooring choice. It is one of the more popular choices for events. Cleaning is easy and simple; simply sweep and damp mop and the floor will look like new. Hardwood will usually go well with almost any type of convention furniture. It can be distinctive on any event floor.

To see hardwood trade show flooring samples click here.

Roll Out Options are Convenient and Often Less Expensive

Roll out trade show flooring offers cost savings and convenience in many cases. This type of flooring can be found in various materials, colors, designs, and other features. When it is time to place the flooring all that is needed is to roll out the flooring, cut it to the desired shape and size, and secure the flooring so that it is safe and attractive.

Tiles can add a Distinctive Look and Unique Pattern

Tiles are not chosen as often as many other types of trade show flooring. That could give you a big advantage over your competitors by giving your booth an unusual look that stands out. Tiles may be more expensive to purchase and they could take longer to install. But they are also fairly easy to keep clean and they may give you an edge.

Consider Your Convention Furniture and Exhibit Displays before Choosing

Before you make a final decision on the type of trade show flooring to use, think about the overall appearance of your booth, and the convention furniture and displays that will be used. This will help you decide which floor will give you the most benefits with the fewest drawbacks, and that can help you make any event even more successful for your company.

Which types of trade show flooring have you used? Were you happy with the results?

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