Trade Show Exhibits

7 Great Choices with Trade Show Exhibits

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There are many great trade show exhibits and design choices to choose from if you plan on attending one or more of these events in order to  market your business and boost your sales. You may choose pop up stands for displaying media and materials, or you can create an entire booth using panels that connect and that can be created in any desired size.

You will also find truss style exhibit booths, and a range of hybrid choices that combine more than one type in a single exhibit. Canopies and tents that carry the brand or logo can be extremely impressive and tension fabric displays are creative and innovative. Banners and other hanging displays will add additional elements and marketing opportunities to even the smallest booth.

Pop Up Trade Show Exhibits

Trade Show Exhibits

Trade Show Exhibits

A pop up choice can give you convenient portability and fast and easy set up. These stands can involve a wide range of options and can help create a back wall that looks incredibly solid without any construction required. The frame of the stand opens up so that graphics or fabrics can be mounted in a very short time to add another element to any exhibit.

Panels for Exhibit Booths

Spectacular trade show exhibits can be created using panels. These can be ordered in many different sizes, appearances, and materials. The panels may lock together to create various configurations and appearances. Panels can be found in standard or custom choices depending on your preferences and needs.

Truss Displays

Exhibit booths that use a truss display can offer a solid structure and the largest choice of features and options. This design pick can be used to fit almost any company, product, or service, and it can work well for most sizes and layouts as well. You can create a number of different looks and feels with this type of booth and display.

Hybrid Choices

Hybrid trade show exhibits will contain elements of more than one type, and the combined features can  have a bigger impact than a single element. You can include counters, panels, popups, banners, and other choices to create a customized appeal.

Canopies and Tents with the Company Logo

A tent or canopy that shows the brand or business logo can be an eye-catching way to draw attention to your products or services. These trade show exhibits are typically large and are noticed on the floor quickly, and they offer an opportunity to promote your business or brand effectively.

Tension Fabric Options

Tensile fabric trade show exhibits involve posts that are used to hold fabric that is stretched tightly. The fabric may include graphics, logos, or messages in order to attract visitors and market your brand and products. Exhibit booths that include tensile fabric components can be very attractive yet lightweight and portable.

Banners and Hanging Displays

Banners and hanging displays are found in many trade show exhibits and they can be highly effective. These can be placed behind, above, or beside exhibit booths in order to make a terrific first impression. Your entire booth should be coordinated and consistent in every element. These choices can add additional components in order to do this.

The last time that you used trade show exhibits which components and display options did you use and were you happy with the results that you saw from these choices?

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