Las Vegas Tourists

The Las Vegas Tourist—for the Best of the Best People Watching

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A Las Vegas tourist is a unique sort of traveler. Many Las Vegas visitors take on a whole new personality once they descend on Sin City. They don’t need sleep. They recklessly gamble their savings. And best of all they provide endless amounts of entertainment for other Las Vegas tourists and locals.

A common yet always amusing sight to watch is the scores of Vegas visitors who walk the Strip imbibing their cocktails from brightly colored giant souvenir glasses. You would not think anyone could consume that much alcohol at one time. But superhuman drinking powers seem to be the norm here.

Where to go for People Watching in Vegas

For the real Vegas people watching experience you can pull up a seat practically anywhere on the Strip and enjoy the fine art of people watching. One of my favorite places to practice my PW skills is at the outdoor seating at Mon Ami Café at the Paris Hotel. If you want to make this a free sport just take a seat on a bus stop bench and start observing.

Vegas Visitors wearing Spectacle Spectacular Outfits

Clothes that people wouldn’t be caught dead in back home suddenly appear out of nowhere and grace the streets of Sin City. These are the clothes that people keep in the back of their closet just waiting for the chance to take a trip to Vegas.

The lackluster librarian unexpectedly becomes a borderline stripper with skin-tight garish outfits glittering with sequins and baubles. The boring accountant wears shirts unbuttoned exposing his pale-skinned chest, plaid shorts, and (one of my favorites) sandals with black socks.

The Alcohol Factor and the Las Vegas Tourist

Las Vegas Tourists

The Quintessential Las Vegas Tourists

Granted free drinks (when gambling) play a major role in the appearance and demeanor of the Las Vegas tourist. Where else are you lucky enough to commonly see drunken fools walking tipsily down the street? This can provide hours of entertainment while they try to navigate their way to the next bar.

Brides in Las Vegas

For some reason I am still taken aback when a bride, groom, and bridesmaids suddenly appear out of nowhere. I just don’t expect it…even though I’ve seen hundreds of them. These lovely newlyweds are more often than not carrying drinks instead of bouquets. Most appear to be intoxicated making me speculate if it is a Britney Spears re-run.

Las Vegas Tourist Hard-core People Watching

Once you’ve immersed yourself in the fine art of people watching on the Strip you may want to take it a step further and go hard-core.  Downtown Las Vegas and the Fremont Street Experience is where the people watching gets downright serious. Las Vegas tourists downtown are a breed of their own. Take what you’ve seen on the Strip and multiply it by 10 gazillion.

This is where you get to see Bubba from south Arkansas with his 800 pound mother. Remember one thing: teeth are optional.  Grab yourself a 99¢ shrimp cocktail and hunker down for some serious observation of what is out there in the world today.

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