Brand Manage Camp

5 Big Reasons to Attend Brand Manage Camp in Vegas

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There are many reasons to attend Brand Manage Camp if you are a business owner or you have a brand that you want to market. This event has been held for the last 12 years, and in 2014, it will be held at the MGM Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada from September 18 through September 19.

Brand Manage Camp

Why you should Attend Brand Manage Camp

1. Brand Manage Camp can help you meet senior level players and top names in the industry that have extensive marketing and branding experience. Network with some of the most important people in your industry and learn how they have built a brand that is extensively recognized.

You will get a chance to find out what has worked for others and speak to successful company owners and marketers. If you have a brand that you want to get out there more effectively then advice from experienced people who have been where you are can be priceless.

2. Get inspired and boost marketing creativity by attending Brand Manage Camp. This event is only two days long but these two days are packed with a variety of activities and events designed to help you become a more successful person, business owner, and marketer.

The most effective brand campaigns are inspired and creative, and you will not stand out among the competition without these elements in place. Find out what others are doing to grab market share and attract consumers, and let this inspire you in your next marketing campaign.

3. Gain information and motivation from scheduled world class speakers at Brand Manage Camp. Thirteen incredible sessions with speakers who are extremely successful and whose advice is highly sought out will be speaking at Brand Manage Camp in 2014, and the topics cover a wide range of relevant subjects for anyone who wants to manage their brand more effectively.

Speakers at Brand Manage Camp Include:

  • Michael Brenner — VP of Global Marketing & Content Management for SAP
  • Rob “Waldo” Waldman — Author of  “Never Fly Solo;” Lt. Col. (Ret) USAF
  • Lou Carbone — Author of ”Clued In: How To Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again;” Founder/CEO of Experience Engineering, Inc.
  • Jay Baer — Author of “Youtility” and Founder and CEO of Convince & Convert
  • Denise Lee Yohn — Author of  “What Great Brands Do;” Former VP/GM of Brand & Strategy for Sony Electronics

From targeting recipients to being creative to managing a more successful marketing campaign, you will find topics of interest at this event.

4. Become a more successful marketer and boost awareness of your products or services at Brand Manage Camp. In addition to getting inspiration, you will also be able to get your brand out there and increase your recognition in the industry.

Talk with others and let them know about your company and products. This can help you build a network of interested leads as well as helping your brand become one that is more recognizable.

5. Learn about new media and other marketing opportunities at Brand Manage Camp. This event is designed for those who have a brand that they want to manage. This means being aware of current and future trends in marketing. Visitors to this event will learn about new media technology and other marketing opportunities that may have been missed otherwise.

Staying on the cutting edge can give your business a boost over competitors, but you must know about these opportunities before you can take advantage of them. Brand Manage Camp will help you do just that!

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