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5 Reasons to Attend OFFPRICE Show in Vegas at Sands Convention Center

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The OFFPRICE Show in Las Vegas is one of the top order writing trade shows that the city holds. Those who attend can connect with specialists who are able to provide top quality apparel products and accessories. Other retail buyers are also on site so you can network with others who share similar interests, and you will find prices a lot less than wholesale costs.

You will usually find more than 500 vendors at the OFFPRICE Show, and each has a variety of fashion apparel designs and accessory types to choose from. You will also find more than 1,000 booths to visit, and many special events for visitors in attendance. There is so much to see and do that you may feel slightly overwhelmed when you first arrive.

1. The OFFPRICE Show Offers Far Below Wholesale Prices

OFFPRICE ShowOne of the biggest reasons to attend the OFFPRICE Show is being able to take advantage of the incredibly low price. Vendors and associated companies may offer apparel, footwear, and accessories at 20%-70% lower than the wholesale cost of the items. These savings can really add up and they are a good reason to come to the event.
The OFFPRICE Show in Las Vegas is one of the top order writing trade shows that the city holds.

Each booth or vendor will have certain items on display or for sale, and the marked down price may represent fabulous savings that are unbelievable. This creates a terrific opportunity for retail businesses and individuals looking for resale items to get more products for less money.

2. Connect With Specialists Offering Top Quality Products

One of the biggest benefits to attending the OFFPRICE Show is the ability to connect with specialists who can offer top quality products. In the design and apparel industry, knowing the right people can have an enormous impact on the success of a company. This convention allows these connections to be made and can give a boost to any business in the fashion industry.

3. Meet with Retail Buyers and Network

Retail buyers usually flock to the OFFPRICE Show held in Las Vegas each year, and this provides the opportunity to meet others in the same industry while getting a view of what is hot in the fashion world right now. This event can be the perfect place to network and make new contacts that may be beneficial at a later date.

4. More Than 500 Vendors Displaying Bargains and Deals

In 2013, more than 500 vendors will display signs or items at the OFFPRICE Show. Therefore, there are a wide range of choices and options from which to choose. Those who attend will not be disappointed by a lack of variety or a shortage of different designs and products. There is so much to see that you may not be able to cover everything in the time allowed.

5. Visit More Than 1,000 Booths and Events

The OFFPRICE Show typically includes more than 1,000 booths to visit; participation in numerous special events is also possible. Anyone in the retail industry or those interested in this sector will find plenty to see, do, and order at this event.

With below wholesale prices this is a must visit event for retailers. It is held in February and again in August of each year in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information about the OFFPRICE Show click here.

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