Clearspan Fabric Structures

Clear Span Fabric Structures for Temporary Buildings

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Clear span fabric structures offer American-made structures engineered as custom designed buildings for applications like remediation, construction, sports, and entertainment. They are a tremendous value for the investment.

Sustainable Building Features of Clear Span Fabric Structures

Clear span fabric structures are made from fabric that reduces the need for artificial light. Energy consumption is lowered. The abundance of natural, bright lighting creates an inviting environment in which animals, plants, and people thrive. Natural light cuts down on bacteria growth and moisture.

The environment is healthier than conventional wood and steel buildings. Rodents have fewer hiding spaces in clear span fabric structures. The abundant natural light and the corner-free design create an unappealing rodent nesting setting. Having no traditional wood or insulation also means there will be fewer insects.

Clear span fabric structures diminish indoor echoing and reduce outside noise. Sound-absorbing walls and covers provide a tranquil, peaceful environment for animals and people. Compared to the noise of rain or sleet on a tin roof, there are no harsh sounds inside a fabric structure when this inclement weather occurs.

Roll-up sides are one of the superior ventilation options with tension fabric. Further energy savings are provided by the reflective and translucent qualities of the clear span fabric structure cover. Indoor temperature stability is provided by adequate ventilation and HVAC systems that can be installed.

Maintenance is easy. No harsh chemicals are ever needed for cleaning or maintenance. Pollutants, dirt, and dust can be washed off with water or allow rain to clean the exterior.

Clearspan Fabric Structures

Fabric structure by Allsite Structure Rentals, a Las Vegas based business with worldwide applications.

Spaciousness of the Interior

All the space inside the clear span fabric structures is useable. Internal supports and columns do not interfere with the interior plan. The height and clearance is superior to traditional wood or metal buildings. Any application of the structures utilizes as much space as possible.

Speed of Installation

Clear span fabric structures require a fraction of construction time of traditional steel and wood buildings. A building needed quickly can be manufactured in a few weeks. The prompt, efficient installation of clear span designed structures is a money saver.

Temporary or Permanent Options

The clear span fabric structure construction creates a permanent, durable building. They are so cost-effective, they are also ideal temporary structures. When a change is needed, the buildings can easily be taken down and relocated. Unlike metal or wood buildings, clear span fabric structures are engineered for versatility. If additional space is needed, adding on to a structure can easily be accomplished.

There are many uses for clear span fabric structures. They function as equipment storage, construction shelters, equine arenas, aircraft hangars, sports facilities, garages, and more.

Year round Work and Play

Seasonal stoppage of work and play doesn’t have to happen with clear span fabric structures. Construction sites can be completely enclosed allowing workers to stay warm and sheltered from rain and snow. Building materials like cement can be used all year. Roofing shingles can also be kept from becoming brittle from the cold and can be applied easily over roof decks.

Sports seasons don’t have to stop when winter sets in or rainy seasons begin. Temporary fabric structures mean soccer, football, and even tennis games can be played indoors.

Foundation Requirements

Whether the structures are temporary or permanent, no costly concrete foundations are necessary. There is little or no ground preparation needed for installation. The covers’ flexible nature allows clear span fabric structures to be safely erected on surfaces that are somewhat uneven. They can be constructed on concrete, asphalt, or dirt surfaces. No foundation is required. Height can be added by putting them on concrete blocks, shipping containers, or pony walls.

No excavation is needed for the anchoring system. A superior holding capacity that is environmentally friendly is provided. Separately sold anchors used for clear span fabric structures are classified as temporary but remain as long as needed.

Accessories and Options

Accessories for clear span fabric structures include a variety of options. Large door opening allow for trucks, airplanes, and heavy equipment to enter. HVAC, ventilation, and insulation make regulating temperatures easier. Lighting accessories like metal halide lights and options like translucent fabric and skylights keep the inside of the structures well-lit 24 hours a day.

It’s no wonder clear span fabric structures are popping up all over the world. Their ease of use and durability make them a reasonable choice for many different applications.

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