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We have come across many people who are surprised that Las Vegas has not had a press club for around 30 years. Press Clubs play an historic role in the development of cities, states, and nations. Today we will take notice of a few of the more prominent clubs throughout the world.

The Los Angeles Press Club

The Los Angeles Press Club has been in existence since shortly after 1900. At that time, Wilshire Boulevard was only a dirt trail that ran to the ocean.

Today, the club boasts nearly 500 members. The Los Angeles Press Club promotes, supports, and defends quality journalism in Southern California.

The club’s President is Will Lewis of KCRW. Beth Barrett, an investigative reporter, serves as Vice President. The Executive Director is Diana Ljungaeus.

The New York Press Club

Founded in July of 1948 as the New York Newspaper Reporters Association, the New York Press Club is one of the most prestigious private press organizations on the planet. Its membership includes journalists in every medium, including television, radio, wire services, newspapers, and Web. They are a private, non-profit organization and do not participate in any political activity.

The London Press Club

This Club is based at the historic St. Bride Foundation, next to the St. Bride’s Feel Street Church, also know as “The Journalists’ Church”. Its origins date back to October of 1882 when George Augustus Sala, a prominent journalist and illustrator, presided over the inaugural dinner at Anderton’s Hotel. Many distinguished figures have been involved with the club.

Their events range from the purely social, to discussions the protection of free speech throughout the world. Past and present journalists, printers, designers, producers, cartoonists, students and corporate communicators are all welcome.

Australia’s National Press Club

Press ClubThis iconic Australian Press Club is plays an important role in Australian Society. It has established itself as Australia’s leading forum for discussion of political, social, economic, corporate, military, and diplomatic issues.

Membership includes such influential decision makers as: Federal and State Parliamentarians, political advisors, Government Heads, academics, those involved in the legal professions, and more. Everyday Australians and leaders in their own communities are also members.

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