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A Plot To Destroy The Press Club?

By Elizabeth Crane / September 1, 2011

In our continuing episodes of the Las Vegas Press Club 1963 Branding Iron magazine we are happy to include this article offering some hiring suggestions for the State of Nevada.…

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Press Club 1963 Trip to Overton, NV

Las Vegas Press Club Circa 1963 Parties and Plays in Overton

By Frank Spady / July 19, 2011

It looks like the Las Vegas Press Club sure knew how to have a good time back in 1963. In this episode of the Las Vegas Branding Iron Record 1963…

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Nevada News Sources in Print and Online

By Elizabeth Crane / July 11, 2011

Nevada became a state in 1864, when the Civil War needed gold and silver to help finances. The first Nevada newspaper sprang into being the following year. Current times and…

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Internet New Media

Who’s Reading What in the World of New Media?

By Erin Walsh / July 6, 2011

On Wednesday, I discussed the ways that journalists aren’t going to be up to the task of living and working in the New Media, unless they specifically make themselves ready…

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Vegas Press Club 1963–Yukon L. Beebe

By Frank Spady / July 5, 2011

In my last post I wrote about our discovery of the Las Vegas Press Club Branding Iron Record 1963 magazine. I’ve had a great time paging through this walk back…

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Cyber Journalism

Cyber Journalism and the Future of New Media

By Erin Walsh / June 24, 2011

In my post last month titled, “Internet Writing, has it changed the Face of Journalism?”, we explored some of the major differences between cyber journalism, new media and old print…

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