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EMS Conference | EMS World Expo Las Vegas 2013

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Emergency medical service providers will be descending on Vegas in September 2013 for the EMS Conference – EMS World Expo. Continuing education and certificates will be offered through personalized programs. The EMS conference will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center September 8—12, 2013.

EMS Conference Awards, Presentations, and Keynote Speaker

The EMS conference starts out Tuesday, September 10 at 10:00AM with an opening ceremony where achievements will be honored along with presentations of awards. The keynote presentation will be after this.  Lt. Col. Robert L. Mabry, MD, FACEP is the keynote speaker. He is the Director of Military Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Fellowship Program at San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC).

EMS Conference Exhibitors

EMS Conference

EMS Conference in Las Vegas for Emergency Medical Service providers.

EMS World Expo is twice as large as any other EMS trade show of its kind. Emergency medical industry businesses will be displaying their wares to over 4,800 attendees that represent over 1,800 third-party ambulance services, agencies, and fire departments. Exhibitors include:

  • Ambulance Services Insurance Program – ASIP
  • BCCTPC – Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification
  • Emergency Medical Products Inc
  • International Trauma Life Support
  • Leader / Horton Emergency Vehicles
  • Medical Science Technologies LLC
  • Minto Research & Development, Inc.
  • Navajo Nation Emergency Medical Services
  • Pediatric Emergency Standards Inc.
  • Squad 51, Los Angeles County Fire Museum

Specialized Education at the EMS Conference

Starting on September 9, 2013 a specialized education course will be held from 7:30AM to 5:00PM. The World Trauma Symposium 2013 will present the most current information on the newest global trends in trauma care and the care of trauma patients that are prehospital. Participants will receive eight hours of nursing continuing education, CME, and/or CECBEMS-accredited continuing education.

EMS conference attendees will also be able to attend the specialized education at the Mobile Integrated Healthcare Summit. Classes offered are:

  • Mobile Integrated Healthcare Summit: Laying a Foundation
  • The Medicine in What We’re Doing
  • How Do I Do This? Program Development & Implementation
  • Lunch & Learn: Collaboration is Key: Implementing the Concept of “Mobile Integrated Healthcare Practice”
  • Mobile Integrated Healthcare Summit: Getting Along With Others: Integration and Collaboration With Other Healthcare Practitioners
  • Mobile Integrated Healthcare Summit: The EMS Office Says We Can’t, What Now?

For more information about the EMS World Expo click here.

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