Press Club Radio Show May 9

Las Vegas International Press Club Radio Show May 9

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Press Club Radio Show May 9The Las Vegas International Press Club Radio Show May 9 features three guests that will keep you glued to your radio.

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Shad Meshad, Founder National Veterans Foundation

Every week Shad Meshad, the founder of the National Veterans Foundation, rounds up the show with news from the veterans front. Shad deals directly with veterans and how they are coping with life after the military. The non-profit organization has a hotline for vets, helps with VA benefits, and goes into the streets to help homeless veterans.

The National Veterans Foundation is always in need of donations. To donate click here.

John Laub, President of Nevada Bio Technology | Press Club Radio Show May 9

As a native of Las Vegas, John Laub, keeps tuned in on what is happening with business in Las Vegas. He is the founder of Bioscience Consortium, Nevada Biotechnology and the CEO-CFO Group. He is a CPA and on the Advisory Board of the Canada Nevada Business Council. John will talk about current business in Las Vegas and about medical marijuana in Las Vegas.

James Murphy, President of National Legal Investigations

Our second guest, James Murphy, is the President of National Legal Investigations, a firm specializing in due diligence and asset investigations. James will discuss what you can do as a real estate buyer/investor  before you purchase. Buyers can conduct their own initial due diligence prior to conducting a business transaction, making a purchase, donation, or business / personal relationship. Questions and topics covered by James will include:

  • When entering into a business relationship or financial transaction how can the consumer better protect themselves from the risk of loss or future damages?
    • NV SOS or other State SOS
    • Real Estate Licensing Board
    • Nevada Bar
    • Nevada Contractors
    • Run that business/individual through the Clark County Courts, LV Justice and Clark County District, for any criminal or civil filings
    • Clark County Recorders for any liens or judgments
  • Vegas has a reputation as being a difficult place to find a meaningful relationship. Are there a few things someone considering entering into a relationship can do to ensure the other party is legitimate?
    • Social media
    • Clark County Courts, LV Justice and Clark County District
    • National Sex Offender Registry
    • Clark County Recorders for Marriage license
    • Clark County Family Court for divorce and child custody proceedings
  • What can the consumer due to ensure a successful transaction when purchasing real estate?
    • Real Estate Licensing Board
    • Clark County Recorders for any liens or judgments if purchasing directly from the owner
    • Clear Title
    • Metro PD Police activity map

Tune in to the Press Club Radio Show May 9 on KLAV 1230AM, Talk Radio of Las Vegas.

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