Las Vegas Medical Marijuana

Las Vegas Medical Marijuana • We’re still the Wild West

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It might be legal, but Las Vegas medical marijuana is still the wild west. From licensing disagreements between Clark County and the State of Nevada to lawsuits against the state on the behalf of those that hold medical marijuana cards, it hasn’t been an easy ride. In fact, it has been fraught with ignorance about this unknown territory.

Las Vegas Medical Marijuana

Las Vegas Medical Marijuana — it’s been a long time coming.

Did you know it has been over 15 years since medical marijuana has been legal in Nevada? Yes, and only now are legal medical marijuana dispensaries starting to open. But they are opening and grow facilities are blossoming. Bud tenders, shop managers, cashiers, sales and marketing experts, and more are being hired to get these businesses off the ground.

As usual, Nevada stands out from the crowd. And especially Las Vegas. With reciprocity only allowed in Nevada, medical marijuana card holders will be able to come to the Silver State and use their out of state card to purchase medical marijuana. With over 40 million tourists coming to Vegas each year, this can (and more than likely will) be a game changer for the industry.

One of the positive features of Nevada’s medical marijuana law is that the state recognizes the patient status of non-residents who are qualified under their state government’s laws.

Source: Marijuana Policy Project

The Seedy Side of the Pot Business

In the 15 years since medical marijuana has been legal there have been numerous illegal pot growers on the scene. And they are quite brazen too. You can find them listed on websites like WeedMaps and others. They boast about their delivery services and premium strains of marijuana. But, let me repeat…they are illegal!

It is unsure how these illegal operations will be dealt with — or even IF they will be dealt with. Many seem to be turning a blind eye. Thankfully there are businesses and websites that are listing only legal businesses. is one of these. Their directory only lists legal dispensaries and they have much needed articles and information about medical cannabis.

Just as the Wild West was tamed the cannabis industry and Las Vegas medical marijuana will surely settle down and become business as usual. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy watching the ride.

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