Wild Horses Nevada Cold Creek

Wild Horses in Nevada | Take a Ride on the Wild Side

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There is probably a lot you don’t realize about what can be found in a variety of different states. One of those facts might be that there are wild horses in Nevada. The Silver State is home to over half of the nation’s wild horses and burros.  Ever since the Wild Horses and Burros act in 1971, they are free to roam in the Herd Areas they were found when the act was set into motion.


These wild horses in Nevada are monitored closely to ensure there isn’t overpopulation in these areas, since horses do have very long life spans. And yes, it is possible to visit Nevada and experience wild horses first hand yourself!

Wild Horses near Las Vegas in Cold Creek, Nevada

Just north of Las Vegas off the 95 is Cold Creek, Nevada where you can watch wild horses from the comfort of your own car. Cold Creek is a beautiful little village nestled in the hills leading and backing up to Mount Charleston.

As you drive off the 95 up Cold Creek Road you more than likely will begin to see the wild mustangs near the road. Depending on the time of year there are often young fillies and colts. If you drive further up the road to where it becomes gravel and rock there are hiking trails and some great opportunities to get up close and personal with the wild horses in Nevada.

Be sure to add a trip to Cold Creek if you are visiting Las Vegas. It is a one of the best free things to do.

Wild Horses Nevada Cold Creek

Wild Horses in Nevada at Cold Creek


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