Press Club Radio Show with John Cole guest

John Cole and Arnold Stalk on the Press Club Radio Show June 6

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Friday, June 6th at 4:00pm, we have a great radio show scheduled. The Las Vegas International Press Club Radio Show, on KLAV 1230AM, welcomes guests John Cole, Arnold Stalk, Ph.D., and our weekly regular guest Shad Meshad, founder of the National Veterans Foundation.



Press Club Radio Show with John Cole guest

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Frank Spady, host of the Press Club Radio Show is happy to have Jason Thompson fill in for regular host Leonard C. Wright. Jason is one of the three hosts on Financial Fridays. He is a CPA and partner at Fair, Anderson and Langerman.

John Cole, CEO Intellichoice Energy, LLC

John serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Intellichoice Energy, LLC, and brings over 30 years of experience to his role as ICE CEO. Prior to joining ICE and for more than the past decade, John served in various C-Level positions (CEO, COO, CFO) in industries such as financial services, hospitality, and gaming. He also has a rare combination of Fortune 100 and small, independently-owned company leadership experiences.

John has lived and worked in the US, Europe and Asia helping businesses transform their operations to achieve strategic and competitive advantages. Throughout his career, John has served on several boards, and achieved a number of distinctions and awards.

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Arnold Stalk, Ph.D – Executive Director of Veterans Village Las Vegas

As Executive Director of Veterans Village Las Vegas, Arnold Stalk helps provide veterans with a safe and clean residence, clothing and food assistance, free transportation to Veterans Administration medical facilities, access to a full kitchen and common area, and much more. They also provide counseling and job placement opportunities.

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Shad Meshad, Founder of National Veterans Foundation

Shad Meshad has dedicated his life to helping Veterans. The National Veterans Foundation is a well-known organization that helps Veterans and their families by serving their crisis management, information, and referral needs through the Lifeline for Vets, outreach and public awareness. Shad is a tireless advocate for Veterans and is well-known for his work with PTSD.

Donate National Veterans FoundationThe National Veterans Foundation needs your help! The non-profit organization welcomes donations of any size. Please donate what you can to help the National Veterans Foundation do more for our Veterans.  Click here or click the donate button to help now.

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Don’t miss the show with John Cole, Arnold Stalk, Shad Meshad, and hosts Frank Spady and Jason Thomas!


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