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6 Secrets to Las Vegas Discounts on Show Tickets

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Las Vegas discounts on show tickets are frequently sought, and seeing savings on these can be easier than you may think. If you plan ahead and reserve or purchase these in advance then you may see discounted prices as a result. You also need to look at the specific show involved and determine how popular it is.

If you stay at a hotel, that is also the show venue, then you may get a lower price on the tickets that you want because you are a guest. When you go also determines the final price you pay, and times that are not as busy often translate into savings on the ticket costs. Look at what else is happening in this city during the same time, and look for packages that include more than just tickets.

1. Always Plan Ahead and Purchase in Advance when Possible

Many venues and shows offer Las Vegas discounts on tickets when these are purchased far in advance. Not only will this provide savings in many cases but you are also guaranteed that your tickets are available when you arrive. The other option is to stand in line at the event and hope that they do not sell out before you reach the box office.

2. Consider the Show to determine if Las Vegas Discounts are Available

Las Vegas DiscountsBefore you start looking for Las Vegas discounts on a show that you really want to see you need to consider the popularity of the event. If you are trying to save money while scoring highly sought after tickets to a show, that will probably sell out before the date, you will more than likely not be successful. Top rated shows that are extremely popular and always full may not have discounted prices for any reason.

3. Stay at the Venue Where the Show is Held

To get some of the best Las Vegas discounts possible try to stay at the show venue. If you are a guest at the venue of the show then you may be able to get a lower price because of this. Many hotels keep additional tickets on hand just for this purpose and the discount offered may be considerable in some cases. Affiliate hotels may also be able to get cheaper tickets for a show.

4. Go during the Week or at Off Times

If you are looking for Las Vegas discounts one of the biggest secrets is when you go to see the performance. The weekends are usually the most crowded times for these events, and you may end up paying more to attend. During the week and at other off times you could end up saving a large percentage. Discounts may be offered to attract people when the venue is not busy.

5. Consider Other Events Going On

Look at what else is going on in the city before you start to search for Las Vegas discounts. During some of the busiest times of year, when popular conventions or trade shows are happening, ticket prices could go up instead of down. The slow season may bring tickets to some of the hottest shows at lower than expected prices.

6. Look for Show Packages

Consider purchasing a show package instead of tickets only. You may pay more initially but the package deals often includes dinner, drinks, or other amenities as well as viewing the performance. When the expenses of the added amenities are totaled, you could save a bundle on the entire experience and have a better time during your stay.

What Las Vegas discounts and money saving show ticket secrets do you have to share with others?

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