Who Should You Trust for Convention and Tradeshow Printing?

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Your convention and tradeshow printing is one of the most important elements for an event, and if you do not have these materials on hand you cannot reach your objectives and marketing goals.

Every year tens of thousands of conventions are held in Las Vegas. If your convention or trade show is being held there you need to know what printers specialize in this rather unique service. There are many Las Vegas printers who offer these services but they are not all equal, some are a far better choice than others.

Convention and Tradeshow PrintingChoosing the best printer means evaluating a number of companies and looking at numerous aspects of each. You may find different prices, different quality levels, and even different professional services that are provided in addition to the printing that you order. Copywriting, graphic design, and other additional services may be offered at times.

When it comes to printing for the conventions, especially Las Vegas conventions, any serious establishment ought to take into consideration several things. First and foremost, printouts have got to be as eye-catching as possible.

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Have You Ordered Convention and Tradeshow Printing in the Past?

If you have ever ordered convention and tradeshow printing in the past and you were happy with the results and your experience then you may want to go with the same company this time around as well. If you have never ordered this type of materials then you will need to start from scratch and evaluate several businesses in order to choose the right one.

Do You Have a List of Qualified Las Vegas Printers to Start With?

If you have never ordered any printed materials for these types of events then you need to make a list of qualified Las Vegas printers who may be able to handle your order. This will help you during the evaluation process and give you a starting point for your search. If you do not compile a list you will not be able to evaluate several businesses and pick the best one.

Have You Set a Budget for This Expense?

Having a budget set for your convention and tradeshow printing will ensure that you do not waste financial resources or stretch your company funds too thin. Once you have a budget in place, it will be much easier for you to decide on the right materials and formats, because you will know how much you can spend and where you can cut costs without cutting quality.

Which Printer has the Most Experience with Your Order Type?

You need a convention and tradeshow printing company that has experience with these materials, not one that was just started a few months ago and who has handled very few clients so far. The success of your exhibit at the event depends on how it is seen by visitors, so your materials need to be spot on and this type of printing experience can help with this goal.

Your printing for conventions need to be top quality, and you are unlikely to get this from a new business or a printer that does not have convention experience.

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Will the Printer Provide Samples of Similar Work?

Ask each one of the Las Vegas printers under consideration if they can provide samples of similar work that they have performed in the past. This will help you get an idea of what to expect quality wise, and allow you to see the finished results for yourself. Samples will show whether the printer can provide the quality that you want.

What Reputation Does the Printer Have in the Industry?

In order to get great convention and tradeshow printing you want a business that has an excellent reputation in the industry, not someone who seems to have numerous issues or who has a reputation for late delivery and low quality products. Ask for references that you can check and do some research about each company on your own.

Does the Company Have any Complaints?

Check online and at the local Better Business Bureau for any complaints against a convention and tradeshow printing company. If the business has several complaints or serious issues they should be eliminated from consideration. Nobody can please everyone, but numerous complaints can be a warning sign.

Can the Business Meet Your Desired Deadline?

When you order your convention and tradeshow printing from Las Vegas printers, you will have a desired delivery deadline in mind. Make sure that the business you finally decide on can meet this deadline so that you have the needed materials available for the event.

If you are collaborating with printer who has JIT (just in time) print capability and who has a work flow that can handle your template letter, you can have a customized package sent out to each of the prospects that visited your booth.

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What problems have you had with convention and tradeshow printing in the past?

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