Mayor Goodman and Fraud Expert Talk to Las Vegas CEO Networking Group

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The CEO CFO Group, a Las Vegas networking group for senior level executives, had their monthly luncheon on Thursday, April 28th. Attended by over 80 Las Vegas business owners and executives–including Mayor Oscar Goodman and his wife Carolyn Goodman–it was another great networking opportunity. Frank Spady, CEO and President, headed the event and kept the crowd entertained.

Mayor Oscar Goodman and Carolyn Goodman

Honored guests Mayor Oscar Goodman and his wife Carolyn Goodman (current candidate for Mayor of Las Vegas) attended and spoke briefly. The “happiest Mayor in the World” was a definite hit with the group.

Carolyn Goodman founded The Meadows School, taking it, with the help of the community, from a blank sheet of paper and building it into one of the finest independent schools in the country. Her candidacy for Mayor of Las Vegas has brought excitement to this upcoming election to replace her husband Mayor Oscar Goodman. Her appearance at the CEO CFO Group was an exceptional treat for all attendees.

Speaker of the Month—Craig Greene, McGovern Greene

The speaker for this monthly event was Craig L. Greene. He is a founding partner of McGovern & Greene a nationally recognized firm of Certified Public Accountants, Forensic Accountants, and Fraud Examiners.

Craig is a seasoned fraud-buster and white collar criminologist. During his presentation–“Profiling the Thief Within”–he spoke about:

  • Recent studies on trends in occupational fraud and white collar crime.
  • Various theories of crime causation as applied to the occupational fraudster/white collar criminal;
  • Common traits, education, personality, age and gender of the occupational fraudster/white collar criminal;
  • Red flags of the white collar criminal to be aware of; and
  • Methods to combat the white collar criminal mind set.

Always highly entertaining, Greene used case studies to illustrate the points made during the session from his over 35 years of experience as an auditor and fraud examiner.

Defending Freedom Red Rock Memorial

This patriotic networking group also highlighted the Defending Freedom Red Rock Memorial and invited all to attend this ceremony, May 14th, honoring our brave heroes who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom. Gold Star Families are also honored for the sacrifice their family members have made for our great country. For more information visit

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