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Every once in a while you just need to show off to your boss and let him know you are an absolute genius. If your company is getting ready to exhibit at a trade show, you can be the authority in the room if you know all about the different types of booth displays for trade shows.


There are plenty of options available. Booth displays for trade shows come in many types, sizes, and shapes, and each will be perfect for some vendors but a bad choice for others. Your booths at conventions can use a wide range and variety of exhibit types in order to attract traffic and generate leads for your business.

If you are the one that has the best ideas for your exhibit, and your business gets a boatload of leads, you will be sitting in the drivers seat.

Your goal is to come away with a stack of leads and hopefully turn them into sales.

When you are evaluating your options and trying to make an informed decision for your company, your products, and your trade show elements you have several options from which to select. You can choose between booths that are portable, modular and even custom options that fit your objectives perfectly. Each of these types can have both benefits and drawbacks in many cases that you need to know about.

When you think about having a booth at a trade show you will need to consider the types of spaces available, and there are four main types of spaces on the event floor for you to use. You always have to consider the cost, weight, shipping and storage, and even set up and tear down of your exhibits and entire booth display.

Those who are truly creative create things out of nothing, and planners need to always be thinking creatively, not simply building upon the same old / same old template.

Source: Trade Show News Network

Booth Displays for Trade Shows Come in Different Types and Sizes

When you are thinking about booth displays for trade shows there are many different types, sizes, and configurations that you can use. You can choose from:

  • Small
  • Moderate
  • Larger-sized
  • One story
  • Two story
  • Rental booths
  • Customized sizes and configurations

Each of these types, sizes, and configurations can offer benefits, but some may have drawbacks for your company as well.

Booths at Conventions Use a Variety of Exhibit Types

The booths at conventions that you use will include a variety of exhibit types and materials. Your booth displays for trade shows can include:

  • Table top displays
  • Table covers
  • Pipe and drain
  • Pop up displays
  • Banner stands
  • Modular exhibits
  • Panel and frame systems
  • Custom exhibits

The only limit to the exhibits that you can include is your level of creativity and your imagination.

Choosing Between Portable, Modular, or Custom

There are three main types of booths at conventions that you can pick between, and then you can add the booth displays for trade shows that you feel works best.

  • A portable booth can be easily moved from one location to the next.
  • A modular is a booth that is used to achieve different configurations, and each of the components can be placed in a number of ways for various layouts without the need for added expenses.
  • A custom booth will be designed from scratch just for your company, and this can be the most expensive option.

The design chosen should include a clear and simple message and benefit statement to visitors, so that they understand what you can do for them.

Source: Design Factory Blog

There are four Main Types of Booth Spaces

Booth displays for trade shows will be assigned one of four different types of floor spaces. Linear or inline spaces will have other vendors on the sides and possibly behind their area. Peninsula refers to a space with three open areas. Tabletop refers to a small space and table provided for displaying. An island is rare, and it has open aisle on all four sides.

Always Consider Weight, Cost, and Construction of the Entire Exhibit

Whether you are making decisions about your booth displays for trade shows or the space used for your booths at conventions you should always consider a number of factors. The weight of each item, storage and transport expenses, the cost of each item, the materials used, and even the set up and tear down needs to be evaluated before you make final decisions.

Are you ready now to show off about booth displays for trade shows? Anything else you need to know? Let us know in the comment section below.

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