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Canada Nevada Business Increasing Bi-lateral Trade

By Elizabeth Crane / August 18, 2011

Is business better in Nevada because of the Canada Nevada relationship? The answer is an astounding YES. In my recent article Canadians Investing in Las Vegas Real Estate I mentioned…

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National Title Company Las Vegas Welcomes Former Clark County Title Chairman Spaeth

By Elizabeth Crane / August 17, 2011

Former Clark County Title Chairman Norma Spaeth recently went private and joined National Title Company of Las Vegas–and we think it couldn’t have happened to a nicer company! “My return…

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Canadians Investing in Las Vegas Real Estate

By Elizabeth Crane / August 16, 2011

With the plunge of real estate prices in the past few years Canadians are investing in Las Vegas real estate. Coupled gain muscle steroids with the strong Canadian dollar it…

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East vs. West—the Las Vegas Great Divide

By Elizabeth Crane / August 15, 2011

The Strip does more for the locals here than just provide a fantastic view and place to go when you are up for a five-star restaurant or night on the…

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Dentist Convention–ADA World Marketplace Exhibition

By Elizabeth Crane / August 12, 2011

There are an enormous amount of long-standing Las Vegas conventions. But this Dentist Convention is having its annual session for the 152nd time! The ADA World Marketplace Exhibition is THE…

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Las Vegas Memories

By Elizabeth Crane / August 11, 2011

Las Vegas Memories A couple days ago I spoke with my “Vegas Mom” on the phone. The reason I call her that is a long story that I might divulge…

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