The Nike Football Coaches Convention 2012 is a Huge Hit with Attendees

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The Riviera Hotel and Casino recently held the Nike Football Coaches Convention, also known as the Nike Coach of the Year Clinics,  from February 17th- 19th.   The clinic was a nationwide kick-off event, with 20 clinics nation-wide, held in 18 states.  The annual clinics were founded 30 years ago by former football coaches and players Bud Wilkinson and Duffy Daugherty.  They have stuck around for three decades because of their success and popularity with the attendees.

The Convention was a Great Learning Experience

The convention spanned three days and included both lectures and clinics geared towards football coaches to help better themselves as coaches and learn tools and techniques for motivating and improving their team.

Randall Brown, a high school coach in Albuquerque, NM attended this year’s convention, and says he was pleased with the experience.

Brown recently coached his first high school season, and says that the Nike Football Coaches Convention was very informative and extremely helpful for a new coach. “For a new coach like myself, only having one season of experience, it allows me the opportunity to listen to great successful college and high school coaches. They are able and willing to answer just about any question you throw at them.”

Big Names in Football Speak to the Attendees at the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic

The conventions consist of three days of speakers with names such as Stanford University’s head coach David Shaw, head coach of the University of Oregon, Chip Kelley, and Rocky Long, coach at San Diego State.

On top of lectures from these professionals the clinics also hold demonstrations on drills and techniques, and question and answer sessions from college football staff.  Brown said of the Q and A sessions “They are able and willing to answer just about any question you throw at them.”  On top of the general lectures coaches can attend talks on topics like creating a “Year Round High School Lifting Schedule,” and “How to Up-Tempo Your Practice Plan.”

Also present at the convention were exhibitors including Coaches Choice, the largest publisher of coaching and instructional books and video; American Football Monthly Magazine; and the American Football Coaches Association; and of course Nike, one of the top names in shoes and apparel for athletes.     This gives the coaching staff of schools the opportunity to stock up on everything they’ll need for the season, from practice jerseys and water bottles to helmets and how-to videos.

The Nike Football Coaches Convention is a Must for Coaches of all Age Groups

Overall, the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic is a valuable experience for football coaches of any level.  Coaches, like Randall Brown go to these conventions “looking for great speakers to not only teach us young coaches, but also motivators. I expect to network with other coaches to gain more opportunities and knowledge of the game.”    And those expectations are met with the great line-up of speakers, work-shops and vendors at the clinics.

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