CEO CFO Group Networking Luncheon with Guest Speaker Byron Georgiou

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The CEO-CFO Group Networking Luncheon will have a very special guest speaker at their June networking event. Byron Georgiou will address the group of Las Vegas’ C-level executives.

Byron Georgiou is one of only 10 individuals of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC). The FCIC has been given the duty of putting together what the President and Congress call the Financial Crisis Inquiry Report. The commission members (along with a staff of 50) included:

  • Peter J. Wallison
  • Heather Murren
  • Douglas Holtz-Eakin
  • John W. Thompson
  • Keith Hennessey
  • Brooksley Born
  • Bob Graham
  • Bill Thomas
  • Phil Angelides
  • Byron Georgiou

The Financial Inquiry Report

The Financial Inquiry Report took years to put together. The FCIC and its staff of 50 people conducted interviews of more than 700 witnesses. These interviews were broadcast nationwide on public television. The commission also reviewed millions of pages of documents.

The report was presented January 2011.

The report came together with six major conclusions, the number one conclusion stating that, “the crisis was avoidable and was caused by: Widespread failures in financial regulation, including the Federal Reserve’s failure to stem the tide of toxic mortgages; Dramatic breakdowns in corporate governance including too many financial firms acting recklessly and taking on too much risk; An explosive mix of excessive borrowing and risk by households and Wall Street that put the financial system on a collision course with crisis; Key policy makers ill prepared for the crisis, lacking a full understanding of the financial system they oversaw; and systemic breaches in accountability and ethics at all levels.”

The Networking Group Luncheon

The networking luncheon will be held on the last Thursday of June, June 30th, as opposed to the group’s usual luncheons on the third Thursday of every month. The date was rescheduled to accommodate Byron Georgiou’s schedule.

If you would like to attend the networking luncheon, anyone may attend, with members paying a $35.00 fee, and non-members $45.00. The events are held at Morton’s Steakhouse just east of the Strip at 400 East Flamingo Road.

If you or anyone you know would like to see Byron Georgiou give his presentation, enjoy a great meal at a great restaurant, and network with senior level executives, you can register now at the CEO-CFO Group website.

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