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Las Vegas Weddings- What Can One Expect?

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My Las Vegas Wedding Experience

I’ve never really been one who likes weddings.  The whole pomp and circumstance associated with them, the planning, the fancy hair, outfits…. It all kind of added up to put a damper on any enthusiasm I may have initially had to see friends get married.  Not to say that I don’t attend them when my friends get hitched, it’s just never been anything I particularly look forward to.

My First Las Vegas Wedding

A few weeks ago however I was invited to attend a wedding at one of the infamous Las Vegas wedding chapels, and I couldn’t wait for the day to get here.  Because of popular culture I’ve been inclined to think of Las Vegas weddings as a gaudy affair; the bride and groom in casual clothing and holding the yard-stick long souvenir drinks as they stand at the altar, a room full of people they met at the casino they came from, and an Elvis impersonator officiating in full costume.  Needless to say I was really excited to see what was in store for us.

Wait… Elvis isn’t Going to Be There?

Las Vegas WeddingsWhat I was surprised to discover was how normal the whole ceremony was.  The bride was escorted by her father down the aisle in a causal, but traditional style gown to the Wedding March.   Her soon-to-be husband was waiting at the altar, in a matching tux, next to a normal looking priest.  The priest said a few words about marriage and commitment (although he had some great one-liners) and then the couple exchanged vows, and lit a unity candle.  The whole thing was actually really beautiful, and to my surprise, not at all tacky.

 Las Vegas Wedding Chapels Add Fun to the Big Day

Even though the whole ceremony itself was exactly like a traditional wedding, I was actually impressed by it and really enjoyed myself.   The ceremony was held at the Las Vegas Adventure Wedding Chapel, which in the area locally known as the “wedding district” due to the vast array of wedding chapels within just a few blocks of each other.  The chapel itself added an air of excitement to the whole thing, and provided a fun atmosphere.   The energy that was created was more than what I had expected.

Overall the night was a blast, and I definitely gained a new perspective on Las Vegas Weddings.

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